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Working on this fun crossover pic. Cleaner inks and color should be coming soon. Dtoid crowd should be able to guess the two subjects easily ;)


I'm real hot shit on Instagram at barnacle _ britches (no spaces). I'll follow yours if you follow mine. Also, nsfw art piece in the comments ladies and gents. Wanted to end the night on some sexy ;)


Technically not an opening, but the opening theme that was foolishly taken out of Dark Arisen. Put it back in for the PS4/XBone versions Capcom! Someone needs to paste this over an anime opening though.


Scrolling through and I'm astonished nothign Dragon Ball related has popped up. Unless I totally missed it. Anyway here ya go! Bonus, unrelated ego post. Quick Nightcrawler drawing I finished. Who's your favorite X-Man?


another one for #OPToid like I mentioned in my previous one, I discovered Baccano by hearing the theme song first. The opening is probably my favorite anime opening ever too. I need to get around to finishing the show...


Can we start like an anime intro-toid or something? Theme song-toid? I haven't watched the show this is from, but now I want to. Basically how I was introduced to Baccano.


Playing around with my new drawing monitor! Rat Queens anyone?


Ugh, I'm not an anime dub snob, but I hate that Joseph Joestar's voice changed in SC. The British voices were one of the main reasons I loved the first season.


I'm bumping this cause I missed Catday and also SPLATfest. Blonde and red combined to make something pleasant.


I swear, for what a fantastic game it is, FF12 has got to have one of the most boring stories in the series' history.


Hell yeah #musictoid. I saw Baby Driver yesterday and it was fucking awesome. This song was part of my favorite sequence in the movie, that surprisingly had little to do with cars.


Ok, I'm a good 6 episodes into Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and I can safely say that if you don't enjoy this show you don't have a soul.


#cutetoid right? Also legit question for other artists. I'm thinking about trying to sell some of my stuff. Any suggestions for an easy venue to do so? I mostly have digital art and sketches to be scanned if that matters. Happy Thursday guys!


So, if you go to Tommy Wiseau's website you can get The Room on bluray, along with 3 pairs of underwear for 20 bucks. At least that's what I paid. The bonus? It's fucking autographed. He spelled my name wrong too! (Keith, not Keth). Its glorious.


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Ep1.... wtf am I watching? This show laid it on wacky and thick and I dig it.


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