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Library looking good. I think I'm done right now. At least until Monster Hunter World comes out. That shit is my jam.


Doom is WAY more fast-paced than I thought. I can tell the late game levels will be crazy. Plus I like how the doom guy is always pissed. Punching everything from computer monitors to demons. xD Hey man, whatever gets you through the day.


Happy Birthday Spider and Reaper! No pics so I couldn't deface your face :( Spider Reaper is badass though.


Happy Birthday NeoTurbo! I really enjoyed your stream for Extra Life. You a good dude for helping the kids. Keep up the good work.


I have no self-control, either. This will be my intro into Doom. Have a cool weekend peeps. Tear it up.


Happy Birthday Flanx! One ticket to the show please. Uno mas in comments.


You my boy blue! Happy Birthday! (pic provided by luck)


Damn! I think the most I ever got was 1.6 mill


Happy Birthday Scruff and Chris! Enjoy your guys's's's day.


Happy Birthday Churros! To celebrate, I went to get some churros. And made my own Sr Churros. With blackjack. My hands are sticky :(


It's that time again. Thanksgiving. Another year almost gone. You made it!!


#raptoid Cool Mario beat. This is the original beat that made him popular. Nintendo hit him with a CnD and he changed it. That's why the official video's beat is different :) Also: Drake copied the beat.


wtf? Fuzunga? Fancy meeting you here at Costco.


Welcome back D-toid. All is right in the world again. I was with y'all. Checking every hour :)


Lovin that final art. The contrast between the reds and blues overwhelm. Just like him.


Check out my new ride guys. Got it for $1800. After 3 hours, It's ready for the new doors and fender I got at the junk yard. Gotta fix the seat and I'll have a clean '06 G35 with 70,000 miles


I get Mario TOMORROW! :D My gamestop is doing a midnight release. Since I'm in Cali I can get it 3 hours before. AT 9! What!


Yay for the good guys


"I gotta say, today was a good day." My cousin gave me back Zelda and my LE 3DS. I was more worried about my 3ds than anything. As a bonus, I found the MarioRabbids game I thought I lost on the street. It was at work in a pile of crap ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I wonder if they'll let me ride the carpool with my new robot buddy


Sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers. Enjoy the little things.


1stWorldProblems: You're the 70th fap. You SOB!


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