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Condolences from me and mine Wes. *hug*


I hope Mario is secretly Morpho. Wait...


Damn! Almost had a heart attack. Thought this was gone. It was hiding in the trunk of my car. Weird b/c I don't put anything in there. Hmmm


Damn guys. I need your help. I think my switch was stolen. I cant find it. I'm friends with a lot of D-toiders. Can someone see when I last logged in? I need to know if someone is using it or I just misplaced it. My name there is M4K. Thanks.


Dere God another birthday. Well, if we must party... Happy Birthday Dere!


Well thats just dandy. The Mario Rabbids game I thought I left at work is not there. I know no one took it because I'm the last and first to arrive since the 3 day weekend. Most likely fell on the street :( Hopefully I'm a dumbass and its somewhere around


All new name. Same fondling taste.


The Mario Rabbids game I bought on my lunch break on Friday is sitting on my work desk. AND its a 3 day weekend. Both expressions apply.


I should have brought my controller. It was fun, though. Many drinks were drunk


Good first practice. I'm going to make a bunch of these and put them on random cars :) Man, I'm going to get in trouble.


Just got my new side gig setup. This is a plotter or vinyl cutter. This is to make those decals for cars. Or anything really. Laptops, 3ds. Lets get some practice in.


#OPToid A little late, but the best for last. Listening to this makes me feel like making life my bitch and pile driving it to submission. You guys got this! (sorry, I couldn't find just the intro.)


2 Happy Birthdays! Radical!


I've been stuck at B for days. I need a good squid squad to execute better plays. But, it'll have to wait for the massacre of ketchup vs mayonnaise.


So Fresh and So Clean. Damn, Splatoon2 got me coming back like a fiend.


If you get friend request from me accept! M4K `)


I forgot why nintendo gave me this wallpaper, but I want you guys to have it too. You know, for being hella dope. Also, DON'T forget your mom <3


lmao This gets me everytime. And I do it ALL the time :D


Finally Friday! Enjoy


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