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Happy Birthday Panda! It's not mint chocolate, but Necro still steals from you. Bad Necro, bad!


Happy Birthday, friends


Man, for some reason I feel really lazy today. Especially after lunch. I wish I was a #dogtoid


"Why does she keep hitting me in the dick?!"


Holy Hell Doom is Hella Hard. And that's normal, but SOB is done. My first Doom and I really liked it. Glad I got it. Time to practice killing dragons on Skyrim in anticipation of MHW.


Hopefully everyone had a good new years. Went on a date to San Fran to watch the show. No drinking for me as I was the driver :( There was lots of making out, though :D Good start


TFW You just want to read qposts at the end of the day, but get hit with errors. PORQUUUEEEEE!


Merry belated Christmas! Hope it was a good one.


Lovin the nostalgia feels in the new Heroes of the Storm trailer. My favorite quotes from StarCraft has got to be "Power Overwhelming". Followed close by anything Valkyrie says:


I guess Nintendo is doing better with stock. Found this at Best Buy. I've been wanting this for so long. Probably my last amiibo. Probably. Those shovel knight ones, though.


Good night. Before, after, dynomated, and carpeted. Replaced the gas tank to an alumiunum one as well. Just need to paint the sides red to match. Cars need TLC, too.


Time to put in some work after work. It's been a while since I worked on Sally.


#confessiontoid Despite owning most consoles since the Atari, I've never owned or played an SNES or any xbox iteration. I'm sorry. Well not so much for the xbox.


MHW beta was fun. Especially co-op. First day buy for me. Well back to Doom. That shit gets harder and harder.


#treetoid Went to visit my parents this weekend. They had the fire going and everything. It's starting to feel like Chris mas.


If you're anything like me, you haven't turned on your PS4 in a while. Damn you Switch! I suggest turning it on soon to download all the updates. That way you dont have to waste time during your MHW beta time. Get your fills people!


I love the steelo of my new game case. I like how it's not hella bulky. It feels real sturdy, too. I can probably do some damage if I chuck it at someone's face :)


It's nice when the boss doesn't come in on a Monday. The day goes smoother. On the other hand, I'm the boss when he's not here so I have to do his work and mine. Eh, you win some you lose some. But you live.


Made this huge decal for my cousins daughter. Reminded me of Occams :) Love ya bud!


My new edition. It took me longer to fix than I thought, but she's done. She's strong. I wish she was a stick, but eh. Before and after.


Oh! A super shotgun.


I've missed you wild and crazy bunch. Stupid family and their constant parties. Lots of qposts to catch up on.


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