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That Switch Lite news made me sad. I haven't turned on my 3DS since the Switch. It really was a hellavu system. Great, fun games and features. And that ShovelKnight theme that plays the campfire dream song :*( SAVE HER(3DS)!


DIX & TITS. Is that a sandwhich??


Holy shit! I did not know volcanoes also produced fucking lightning. Damn, the more ya' know.


ooo I love #watchtoid. Love seeing your stuff. I have about 5, but this is by far my favorite. I bought it around 15 years ago. I just love the clean look of it. Alas, I only wear watches when I'm wearing a suit.


FUCK YEAH! A while back my house was broken into, but I found this in my mom's garage. Even the comic cards I've collected since elementary were in there. I thought I would never see this stuff again. *watery eyes*




Bloodstained Spoiler: I don't have it. It sure looks purdy tho.


Poor girls with the cone of shame. At least they're safe from multiplying. Hope you have a better FRIDAY!


Praise RNGesus! Why yes, yes I am.


Ace Combat 7: Mission Accomplished


LMFAO I look almost identical to my sister.


Your gundams and warhammers aint got nothin on MechaSpawn. Found this guy cleaning the garage. I haven't seen him in 15 years. I think.


Feels like a chill Friday. Chill and drink responsibly folks.


He's finished! They're more flexible than I thought. I'll prob hang him in my office. Make it look like he's flying. Or maybe the rearview mirror? Like a screamcatcher.


Hey Dtoid. I could use your help. I'm going out of town for a visit, but I'm having trouble with funds. So I'm trying to sell some stuff, but I can't get it out of storage. I need to buy a little tool to break it open. Can I borrow... about tree fiddy?


Work, work, work. Hello boys... and girls


Made these decals for a customer. Something looks awfully familiar.


Understatement much. "I have help!"...*Hyrule heroes step out*... :o Next you'll call your cousin. Shovel Knight


She's Alive! This Sunday was a perfect day. So I woke up Sally from her winter hibernation and went for a cruise. Then played some Ace Combate. It was a good day.


Hell Yeah! Got my FEH account back. My old phone didn't support it anymore. Bought my dad a new phone and took his old one. It's still newer than mine. Now I got my team back. Yay!


#carporntoid We restored this car around 10 years ago for a customer. New owner came in for some touch-ups and still looks great.


found this #catoid loungin' in my backyard. Oh shit, he seen me!


AND thats hr200. It was fun, but I think I may move on :'( Shoutout to CaimDark. My brother in arms.


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