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I HAVE THE POWAAAAAA(no hard r's please)... to wish Vxxy a Happy Birthday.


Forgive me Dtoid for I have sinned. I overfapped a 69 :*(


Happy weekend hunting folks!


Bonjour you cheese-eating surrender monkeys.


are we the monsters?


It's hot and creamy up in hurr. Happy Birthday Wes!


I chose quality over quantity. Man, I gotta up my game this year.


Merikurisumasu D-toid! Get your grub and your game on.


Jack of all? No. Master of one? Yes Also, found my new wallpaper.


oof My poor switch. There's always next year :)


#blessedmas I went to visit my sister and I was greeted with this. My nephew playing the DS I bought for my niece years ago. My work is done regardless.


My first screenshot. I think I've been playing MHW for 2 years now. Damn, time flies. I'm glad I gave 4 a shot after not liking 3. Now I'm stuck in World. I'm hopeful of the future. Thanks for the hunts!


WTF! I never double post. Dtoid drunk.


It's nice to find an armor set that looks good and functional, without using a layered piece.


Happy Birthday Flanx! I'll drink many in your honor!


"Bad kitty! We go outside! Not in the tent."


I forgot to mention this. My niece and nephews went as Pokemon. It got a like and comment from the VA of Ash. Sarah Natochenny. That's pretty dope.


Oh shite!! Happy Birthday Cloud and Moon!!! Keep the party goin'!!! Whose tomorrow??!1!


Happy Birthday to two of the greatest! Chris & Scruff


Sadly, I forgot my mask at home. So I'll just be dressing up in MHW. Have a safe Halloween.


I was on a flight this morning and they served me this. Can Euro Bros confirm?


Before the hunt!!


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