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Praise RNGesus! Why yes, yes I am.


Ace Combat 7: Mission Accomplished


LMFAO I look almost identical to my sister.


Your gundams and warhammers aint got nothin on MechaSpawn. Found this guy cleaning the garage. I haven't seen him in 15 years. I think.


Feels like a chill Friday. Chill and drink responsibly folks.


He's finished! They're more flexible than I thought. I'll prob hang him in my office. Make it look like he's flying. Or maybe the rearview mirror? Like a screamcatcher.


Hey Dtoid. I could use your help. I'm going out of town for a visit, but I'm having trouble with funds. So I'm trying to sell some stuff, but I can't get it out of storage. I need to buy a little tool to break it open. Can I borrow... about tree fiddy?


Work, work, work. Hello boys... and girls


Made these decals for a customer. Something looks awfully familiar.


Understatement much. "I have help!"...*Hyrule heroes step out*... :o Next you'll call your cousin. Shovel Knight


She's Alive! This Sunday was a perfect day. So I woke up Sally from her winter hibernation and went for a cruise. Then played some Ace Combate. It was a good day.


Hell Yeah! Got my FEH account back. My old phone didn't support it anymore. Bought my dad a new phone and took his old one. It's still newer than mine. Now I got my team back. Yay!


#carporntoid We restored this car around 10 years ago for a customer. New owner came in for some touch-ups and still looks great.


found this #catoid loungin' in my backyard. Oh shit, he seen me!


AND thats hr200. It was fun, but I think I may move on :'( Shoutout to CaimDark. My brother in arms.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Take a break and hunt some monsters.


Damn MHW. First the Gala suit, now Geralt.


Went to visit my sister in Pacific City over the weekend. It's SE of Portland, OR. It's way out in the boonies, but it's nice and quiet. She lives less than a block from the beach. I had fun. More pics in the comments.


At first, I thought these were dumb. What am I going to use these metal things for? Now I have 3 and hope every game comes with one xD Kinda like a merit badge. These were for Witcher3, Ace7, and DarkSouls3.


Woooooo!!! I updated my password!


Got my wings over the weekend. I am so happy, sometimes, with it. Just controlling the fighter is a challenge in itself, but rewarding when you "get it". I'll be hearing "missle,missle,missle,beep,beep,beep" in my sleep for a while.


Happy Birthday everyone!! Don't let no one get you down. But if they do, Dtoid will be around.




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