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Inspired by streetmagik3. A while ago I found a dead spider and placed him on my MicroMachine at my work. Behold! 8 legged freaks. I tried to stretch out its legs, but they would break :(


#puptoid My nieces visited me at work on Friday. Sadly, her 8 year old boxer past away half a year ago. She introduced me to her new pupper. His name is Leroy.


savage axe hopper so good


I dont know if Im getting old or just tired, but I fell asleep during Godzilla. I need to give it a good watch when I get a little down time from MHR. Speaking of, Ill repeat again, we need a Godzilla crossover! They almost released at the same time, too.


That MHRise is top notch. So far Bishaten is my favorite new monster. His move set is hilarious. Here's me taking it to the dome with Parismio and Juic3


What's in the box(s)? You might know by now.


Just shy of 999, but I got next best thing. On both ranks! :)


Happy Birthday Dtoid! Thanks for the comedy, community, cock, and the Chris'. It's been an honor.


maybe next year Fallout 3


What's in the box?? Wait.... I've had the Switch since launch, but never really needed these. I could really feel it in the hands playing MHR, tho. I'll be ready in 49 days.


With MHR coming out, who needs a PS5(I only say this because I couldn't get one)? I'm excited to see the finished product. Hope to see many of you out in the field.


Aw, man. I had to work extra late today. All I can think about was Rise. Finally home to download and "Maintenance". I've been in the eshop prob once this whole year and this. :(


I didn't want to get Cyberpunk for PS4 and I don't have a PS5. But I completely forgot I had a laptop at home. Could this run it like a PS5 or would it be the same as running on a PS4? Not too savvy on tech specs :(


Happy Thanksgiving Dtoid!


Fatalis, MR layered, last update: T-minus 1 hour 25 minutes.


It be like that sometimes... in the future


Aw, shit! We're getting a doggo in Monster Hunter. Plus I see there's a skin. Hopefully, they make a boxer skin. Fuk, I wouldn't give it a second thought. This is Duke and Cali. Hey Seymour & Hansel ;)


It's like I'm wearing nothing at all. Nothing at all. Nothing at all.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Surprisingly, amid the pandemic, we've actually been real busy at work. A little tooo much. So I said fuck it and visited my sister in Oregon. She's out in the middle of nowhere so it's a good change.


Enjoy the 3 day weekend folks! Be safe out there. Also, MHW is giving out sweet decos just for logging on. Especially the expert and attack. Happy hunting!


I had an idea for my PS4. Came out well.


Yeah!! It's that time of year again. I mostly cruise alone so covid cant take this joy from me :)


Best Super Move


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