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#bootlegtoid ROBOPUPPY MISTREATMENT ALERT! Found this on my desk this morning. wtf?


Happy Birthday Flanx! May your days be filled with Gunplas and Swoleness.


Yes, everyone do the saame thing! Also, Happy Birthday Cloud and Moon.


Happy Birthday Chris! I WILL find you and I WILL cake you.




Attn. RDR2 players. Switch to first person and fall off a small cliff. Hilarity ensues.


MHW is my GotY so far. Been playing since launch, but I think tonight might be my last hunt for a while. I get Red Dead tomorrow at 9! I haven't been in a large open world for a minute. Can't wait. Also, first Red Dead.


TGIF! Take care of yourselves and watch your step. It can turn quick. I fell down some stairs and messed up my leg pretty bad. Nothing broken. I guess I have to stay in bed this weekend and play games all day.


#Pandatoid Hope you feel better SOON! Because of you, I have tons of friends on PS4. I only had 1 since PS3. Mostly Dtoiders, too. You also gave me one of my fav gifs when pointing out my incompetence in FGO :) I look at it once in a while to get a smile.


There was a detour around my house the other day. I went down a street a rarely go. To my surprise, found this. Sometimes detours can be a good thing.


I've never had a beefed up system. Mainly game on console. So I keep forgetting that my new laptop can pretty much run any game. Then it dawned on me. FORZA! I've never played any, but I always here great things. Alas, only available in the Win Store :(


This is probably the best reference I've seen in any game.


There was a fire near my house that caused a power outage. Luckily, my Switch was fully charged. Didn't even faze me.


I read that as Butt Plugs Only. Damn you D-Toid!


Oops. See what happens when you push the button. Dont push the button!!


I feel a disturbance in the force. I wonder how Jedis fair against gases. Smoke, sleep, tear, etc.


5 year old Niece: Guess what happened at school today? Me: WHAT!!! Niece: We had a prostitute. Me: (wtf) Sister: NO! It was a substitute! Me: lol (that got boring quick) Wow! Cool!


It took awhile to learn, but I'm having a blast with Wasteland 2. It's pretty much MarioRabbids, but with way more micromanagement. I'm just happy to be in the fallout universe again.


Shit!Shit!Shit! Digital tomorrow or wait for the physical? That has no release date. I think I may go digital :(


OMG! Civ in Switch! All they need is CS and I can throw my comp away.


<b>Loved</b> Octopath, but I think I'm done. I can't beat the final boss and I really dont feel like grinding. I'll come back later. How 'bout that leghold trap? Mmmm


I asked my French friend if she likes to play video games. She said, “Wii.”


Glad to see someone stand up to this hooligan!


Can you set to 69° in your temp readings? Then ours is superior :3


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