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INB4 RiffRaff: Awwwwwwwwwww. Makes me wish the game was called Monster Cuddler.... until he starts poisoning my ass!


Welp, I finally got a backlog. I bought Dragons Dogma, Samurai Shodown, and Fire Emblem, but I keep going back to MHW. So thats 3. Oh no! In related news, I literally curb stomped this Rathian.


I made my own LE PS4. It was a bitch to make because of the little details. I wanted to make it dark grey so it can hide a little more, but I didn't have any. FYI, I'm a CB user.


Ok. Now I can post. Crazy start to the morning...


Nah. Email us.


Damn. I didn't know a burn can be so cold. (sorry to put you on blast Torch, kinda)


That's not Poison. That's Whip. Go home Capcom. You're Drunk.


I was inspired. I call this "Office party with friends". Shout out to the mods and everyone who contributes(that means you). Hopefully it can lift some spirits. Happy gaming! Bump: with bigger version.


#worktoid Damn. Diesels had 20 gears back in the day. Now just 4! It's just as easy as turning on your windshield wipers. This one's a 2020.


GameStop instead of lunch FTW! jk I ate my sammich on the go. That's how it's done right?


Got this today. Love the cover art. X-Men first class is probably my favorite hero team. Seeing Angel turn into ArchAngel, Animal into Beast, Marvel Girl into Jean/Phoenix, and... Cyclops. Love the guy, but he doesn't change much. His family is crazy tho


That Switch Lite news made me sad. I haven't turned on my 3DS since the Switch. It really was a hellavu system. Great, fun games and features. And that ShovelKnight theme that plays the campfire dream song :*( SAVE HER(3DS)!


DIX & TITS. Is that a sandwhich??


Holy shit! I did not know volcanoes also produced fucking lightning. Damn, the more ya' know.


ooo I love #watchtoid. Love seeing your stuff. I have about 5, but this is by far my favorite. I bought it around 15 years ago. I just love the clean look of it. Alas, I only wear watches when I'm wearing a suit.


FUCK YEAH! A while back my house was broken into, but I found this in my mom's garage. Even the comic cards I've collected since elementary were in there. I thought I would never see this stuff again. *watery eyes*




Bloodstained Spoiler: I don't have it. It sure looks purdy tho.


Poor girls with the cone of shame. At least they're safe from multiplying. Hope you have a better FRIDAY!


Praise RNGesus! Why yes, yes I am.


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Overcooked 2 - Carnival of Chaos"This can't be the end"


What the Golf?"Are you too good for your home?"


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Borderlands 3"'Just follow the soothing sounds of my voice'"


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The new Call of Duty game: Terrible spawns, even worse hit detection and an awful map flow thanks to rampant Its certainly a modern CoD game

Chris Bradshaw

Welcome home Vita 2


Poor guy is just desperate for engagement at this point


Well, this is a rather interesting


Theres something very healing about playing the Links Awakening remake handheld while listening to John I feel very happy atm, especially seeing this bit


Vanguard (2019) - Hi Sorry I havent posted in a long FFXIV Shadowbringers took up the majority of my I had a blast, such an amazing expansion that will most likely get better with each I wrote a new song too ^^


The best Area 51 one meme,

Jetter Mars

Has anyone played the oft-forgotten game Kuon for PS2? Im thinking of tracking down a copy at some mom and pop game Id try online but those online prices


I got my first sinus infection of the season and it iant even officially fall Whose an overachiever? This guy! In less interesting news Castle Crashers is still amazing and BLOODSTAINED ON GAME PASS!!!!!

Chris Moyse

“No one will remember you when you die” ranks up there as one of the deepest insults anyone’s ever said to me when I beat them at a fighting The same match also had literal “chicken



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