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For you Dtoid. Happy V Day!


Stupid PS deleting my save file. Took 40 hours to get to HR12. On the other hand, It took me 19 hours to get to 11. Almost back to normal. I hate Rathian track hunting :(


Wow! Did anyone elses character go back to zero after the update? I have to start over in MHW. BFukinS!!!!


I wonder if the difficulty drops if a person drops. I was fighting a pink rathian and some one joined. After the difficulty was adjusted they drop out >:/ Still cut off its tail and destroyed that bitch. Hard as hell, though


My character as of late. I love this armor. My palico has better armor than me. He already has HR armor. But I did upgrade me CB to have blast element :)


LMFAO! Right now, some dude just parked in front of my shop and started getting a BJ from his girlfriend. wtf! I can see everything. Then after a minute or two, she jumps in the backseat and takes her pants off. She's laying on her back like ... continued


Happy Birthday Shog! Eat some cake!


Went to a car show/swap meet. Dude was selling this for $800. I loved this game. I probably could have talked him down to 6. Ugh, next time...


MY 100th QPOST, TOO! I'm really glad I found this place. I love everyone here. Even Wes. Here's to another hundred.


Yeah, I'll be playing MHW for a long time. Online play is still the shit. Protip for the noobooties: You'll collect faster if you crouch first.


cant wait to be reunited with my switch axe. I hope to put as many hours in this one. I think it's too low anyway.


My shop looks like a car show. Thats a 56 corvette, 64 chevy p/u, 68 mustang(mine), 71 Oldsmobile, 69 GTO, and a 68 chevy p/u. :')


Hope you get better Dere. My drink of choice. Straight up.


Went to the mall and now we have this. It's a gaming pub. Pretty cool. I got excited because I thought it was an arcade :( I miss the days of putting your quarter on the screen to wait your turn.


Happy Birthday Panda! It's not mint chocolate, but Necro still steals from you. Bad Necro, bad!


Happy Birthday, friends


Man, for some reason I feel really lazy today. Especially after lunch. I wish I was a #dogtoid


"Why does she keep hitting me in the dick?!"


Holy Hell Doom is Hella Hard. And that's normal, but SOB is done. My first Doom and I really liked it. Glad I got it. Time to practice killing dragons on Skyrim in anticipation of MHW.


Hopefully everyone had a good new years. Went on a date to San Fran to watch the show. No drinking for me as I was the driver :( There was lots of making out, though :D Good start


TFW You just want to read qposts at the end of the day, but get hit with errors. PORQUUUEEEEE!


Merry belated Christmas! Hope it was a good one.


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