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Here's a nice treat for those of us enjoying Secret of Mana in some form or another lately.


So I got to play the Secret of Mana remake and I have to say it's not bad. It's flawed but it's charming. I lost my shit when I saw the picture of Niccolo inside Neko's house and will play the whole game for more Easter eggs like that alone.


I have gotten used to seeing sexy anime girls, thicc Thursdays and bunny girl Wednesday in qtoid. But straight up titties is a new one.


After 4 years of playing it off and on again on my Vita I finally finished Suikoden 2. I enjoyed it! In the end I still prefer the first game, but I'd be lying if Suikoden 2 didn't have some improvements. Just the massive battles were way way worse imo.


Oh crap, the Secret of Mana remake is sooner than I expected. Better set the mood.


Hunted Rathalos, Diablos, and Kirin tonight. Diablos killed me the most.


#shoutouttoid to Upvotebot. There's no one who likes my month old stupid comments like you do.


Finally got to spend some time playing DBFZ and I really enjoy it. It's a flashy anime cocktail, mixed thoroughly with Marvel and a dash of Smash to garnish. Simple enough to play with non-fighting gamers, and deep enough to enjoy against your arch-rival.


Do you ever wonder if porn parodies can make more money than the movies they're based on?


I got my first taste of multiplayer Monster Hunter World with a friend last night. It was so much fun getting killed by that Rathalos in the beginner mission over and over again.


I like DBFZ quite a lot. I found it easy enough to play, but I look forward to learning the ins and outs of the characters I want to play. It wasn't so intuitive that I felt bored, but it wasn't so complex I felt overwhelmed.


Got to sit down and play a bit of the Dissidia NT beta. I was on the fence for a while, but now I definitely plan to buy the game.


I went to try out the DBFZ Beta on my work break just now and gotdam servers are down for maintenance.


Welcome to die Switch owners. Don't throw your shit when you get mad.


The best thing about working 4 days a week is there is no Wednesday.


Is the popular opinion that Suikoden 2 is better than Suikoden 1? I don't know if it's my own nostalgia for the original, or that I didn't play the sequel until it was out on PSN, but it's just not as good in my opinion.


When your dog gets you forced into gladitorial combat to the death.


I'm enjoying Dragon's Dogma a lot more the second time around. I don't know if it's that I have the expansion, that I'm playing a mage instead of a warrior, or that I've played Monster Hunter since then. I just know it's fun and I don't want to stop.


Okay, yeah it's 2018 now. Can it specifically be January 28th, 2018 though?


My games of the year: Resident Evil VII, Parasite Eve 2, Zelda (you know which one), Fallout: New Vegas, and FFXIV. Honorable mention to Overwatch's single player mode. Edit: I somehow forgot the man months I put into playing through Bloodborne.


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