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You ever get stealth take-down'd so hard you turn into an old TF2 meme?


I played the Mega Man 11 demo and I have to say, it's interesting. Maybe I'm weird, but I preferred the squeaky Mega Man voice from 8.


Here's a cool video a friend shared with me today.


Nightmare King Grimm is officially one of my favorite boss fights of all time. A perfect blend of requiring pattern recognition and reaction time. I loved it.


Better f-ing dance then.


I've reached that point with Hollow Knight where I just want to play it all the time. I love it. Damn work keeping me from playing Hollow Knight right now.


I am now a Switch owner. Thanks to everyone who offered me advice on early purchases! Mario Tennis Aces is a fun time.


I'm getting ready to buy a Switch. When you first got yours, was there anything you should have bought with it? Like accessories and stuff. I'm looking to get 128gb MicroSD, but is there anything else I should be aware of?


I think I'm going to try Hollow Knight today. No idea why.


Jurassic World 2 was a fun movie to watch. Not the best new movie I've seen this year, but definitely one of my personal favorites. But I'm biased because I love Jurassic Park and all its zany dinosaur antics.


Slay the Spire is great. I would describe it as a more interesting Hand of Fate, and a less frustrating Darkest Dungeon. Like a cross between those two ideas.


After watching the gameplay footage for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, I'm into it. I think it will at least be as good as the worst of the DS 'vanias. Also, they need to get people who don't suck at video games to record their demos.


Oh snap, the new Jurassic Park sim is about to come out. I keep forgetting it's a thing but I'm super stoked to Dwarf Fortess a theme park full of ravenous dinosaurs.


I ate some of that Super Mario cereal earlier. It was pretty bad. Like what if Captain Crunch was shaped like caltrops. I'm pretty sure the little star shaped bits are made of actual dehydrated starfish.


I'm a little inebriated, but I tried to be realistic.


In order to challenge myself in Dark Souls, I've decided to see how far beyond the normal sequence break I can go. I'm attempting to join the Darkwraiths before fighting Quelaag.


I beat Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. Man, what a fantastic game. Like Shovel Knight, it manages to capture a nostalgic feeling and still be a completely new experience. My only complaint is that it was too short, but that may change post replay.


Saw Deadpool 2 yesterday. It was fun. I feel like the tone was a little inconsistent, but overall I think I enjoyed it more than the first one. I liked that it was more of a superhero movie than its predecessor.


I love Dark Souls. Here's a recent screen shot of the game I started for Remastered. I grabbed this when I stepped into Undead Burg for the first time.


Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is soooo so good. It's the level based Castlevania I've been wanting for so long.


Who is the first enemy I defeat after reaching Lordran in Dark Souls: Remastered? The Black Knight in Darkroot Garden. I love this game.


Secret of Evermore is completed. Man, it's such a great game. A deeply flawed game, but still great. It also has an after credits scene. Suck it Marvel!


Upvotebot confirmed Raidou fan.


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