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After watching the new footage for MK11 I noticed Skarlet is dressed kinda like one of the Ghitu from Magic's Dominaria setting. Just with blood instead of fire. Weird observation aside, I'm looking forward to MK11. I just hope WB doesn't ruin it.


Thanks for all the support on my Qpost the other day. I'm applying for new jobs so hopefully everything will work out. Heck, with all that positivity I received maybe things will even get better. I did beat Project Warlock with the free time though.


Destructoid community members, share your energy with me. (I got laid off today and I could use a boost.)


Decided to decorate my card binder.


I'm plugging away at Project Warlock. It's great fun. Those yetis are horrifying!


Is this a Christmas miracle?


Happy holidays guys. I don't really observe Christmas or enjoy the season, but there's still some part deep within my stony heart that grows warm around this time of year.


These guys are dorks and I love them for it.


When you don't drink soft-drinks very often, a freshly opened, ice cold cherry coke is some sweet ambrosia.


Just moved in to my new apartment a couple of days ago. Entering into this separation with my wife was a mutual decision, so that's okay. It's my first time living alone and so far I'm enjoying it.


I have no idea how this happened.


Question for the Switch owners out there: Will any USB hub allow me to use multiple wired controllers? Is there a good one I can shop for? Recommendations?


I went to Best Buy to get some speakers for my computer and a Switch Pro Controller. While I was there I came super close to buying Hollow Knight again because it came with a plushie Lil Ghost. This regret will probably haunt me to the end of my days.


I'm ready to Smash.


I have survived the Ghost show. I may not be a huge fan of this band, but god damn if they can't put on a fun show.


I got some cool stuff in the mail today thanks to the one and only MeanderBot.


I defeated Nightmare King Grimm. How did you spend your lunch break?


I knew I was going to enjoy Castlevania's second season, but I did not expect Peter Stormare. Looking forward to finishing the season tomorrow.


Bad Times at the El Royale was a cool flick. Very interesting.


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