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Secret of Evermore is completed. Man, it's such a great game. A deeply flawed game, but still great. It also has an after credits scene. Suck it Marvel!


Upvotebot confirmed Raidou fan.


I never got this until now.


Some of these are just solid gold.


My concerns about Dark Souls Remastered have been eliminated. The graphics look fine on PS4 and it plays exactly the same. Case in point, I just got invaded and killed by a naked guy with a Black Knight Sword and helmet.


Apparently some people are pulling Magic 2019 cards out of Dominaria boxes. (imgur Link in comments.)


What goes up, must come down.


May the fifth be with you.


I always have fun when I see a Marvel flick, but Infinity War was really special.


Feel pretty good about that Dominaria box I bought.


How about some arbitrary metal for the tabletop RPG enthusiasts among us?


An odd question for those in the audience who communicate in other languages in text: Can you tell when someone is sending you things they translated with Google? Just curious.


Today I learned about Dark Souls Bingo. Now I am even more hyped for the Remaster.


I would have gone to see this movie.


I went looking for info about some items in Monster Hunter World and I found one of the greatest forum posts I've ever read.


Here's a nice treat for those of us enjoying Secret of Mana in some form or another lately.


So I got to play the Secret of Mana remake and I have to say it's not bad. It's flawed but it's charming. I lost my shit when I saw the picture of Niccolo inside Neko's house and will play the whole game for more Easter eggs like that alone.


I have gotten used to seeing sexy anime girls, thicc Thursdays and bunny girl Wednesday in qtoid. But straight up titties is a new one.


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