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Shoutout to the single folks and aromantic types on this the 14th of February.


Happy Holidays you collection of wonderful strangers.


I love that feeling of improving at a video game.


And that's Bloodstained Ritual of the Night beat. It's a solid game that is a bit janky, but it really does fill the void left in my heart by Castlevania.


I managed to complete Bloodstained Curse of the Moon's Nightmare mode last night. That was a really cool twist ending that I would really like to see explored in another game.


Queue boot scootin' boogie.


Nightmare Reaper is pretty groovy.


Just to let everyone know, Goblin Cock has a new album of covers to enjoy.


This class is fun. I can't wait to make a bizarre and sexy glamour.


Today I realized that Zidane just wears jeans, and well now I have this FFXIV glamour.


A remake/rerelease of the first Star Ocean game is coming. See the Twitter post in the comments.


With the Shadowbringers benchmark allowing you to make your own Vieras, I have to say I'm looking forward to Wednesday.


The Knower show was really great. Louis Cole can play the everloving fuck out of the drums.


I was thinking this bit had run out of steam, and yet here I am giggling at this stupid crap.


Finished the fun ride that is the MK11 story mode. Going to re-watch the last Avengers movie before I go see the new one tomorrow. Then Sunday I'm going to see KNOWER.


I'm back into FFXIV and was leveling some White Mage last night. Felt cute, might delete later.


#Striptoid Source is that guy who made the Reapfield Overwatch comics. Link in the comments to more of his stuff.


He's no Syzoth, but he still looks pretty kool.


Vampyr is not a perfect game, but I am having quite a lot of fun with it.


Hey hey! My friends and I are playing Sekiro if anyone wants to come check us out. Link is in the comments!


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