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KoF XIV has some DLC a'coming. (See comment.)


So playing Overwatch FFA with 3-4 Moira's makes navigating hallways full of bad orbs reminds me of those rooms in Zelda: LttP with the spinning skull dudes that bounce around while you avoid touching them.


It's Halloween! Post yer Scarecrows!


I finished rewatching the first season of Stranger Things and now I just really want to see David Harbour play Harry Mason. Shame Silent Hill is a dead franchise.


The most fun I think I've had playing Overwatch has been in Free-for-all Deathmatch.


My intrepid Starfinder group had their first taste of starship combat tonight. It's not a perfect system by any means, but it is a lot of fun.


The Future: Over Saturation

If I didn't know any better I would say that diversity in games is lost on us. Not to the point where we're all playing Pong like it was in the olden days, but still it's pretty bad. How bad? The next time you're in a game store sidle ove...


What? How come nobody is talking about this?

Eye catching, huh? A friend linked me to the teaser-esque website for this neat little game. The game is called Fantasy Earth Zero. It would seem that it was once to be apart of the Playonline service provided by Square Enix. Square e...


Teamwork Is Awesome

When it comes to online gaming, shooters in particular, I have a specific way I like to do things. In a free for all death match scenario I like to have the one-shottiest gun, and the the quickest character. This has been true since Go...


My Experience - Street Fighter IV Online

I really like fighting games.I would even go on and say I love fighting games. The intricate controls. The flashy special moves. All of it. Most of all I love the competition. My favorite fighting series of all time is Guilty Gear, it was ...


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