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I was gonna comment on that Darksburg contest article, but dang ol Disqus is borked. Wes must've done this on purpose.


I'm going to be streaming the new Stir of Dawn update for Blasphemous. Join me in this act of penitence if you'd like.


Game Idea: A new fighting game where you play as Dinosaurs.


What kind of masochist am I? Well every time I play through Hollow Knight I do the Path of Pain.


Done streaming. Shoutout to Fiverfinger Delta for popping in and following. I figured out that my mic needed to be switched to mono mode and that's why you couldn't hear me. Anyways, I'll be doing this again real soon so stay tuned.


Help a guy out and come check out my stream! I'm playing ranked in DBFZ today, but I am a streamer with aspirations.


Got my new mic set up. My Servbot really likes it.


I just finished FFVIIR and boy is my square button tired. But seriously, it wasn't all bad despite how much I bitched while running through it. Now I can go read/watch everyone's opinions on it without fear of potential spoilers.


ArcSys is putting out some cool tutorial videos for Guilty Gear Strive. Even if you're like me and not in the beta, you can still get a glimpse of some of the mechanics on offer, and just enjoy looking at this gorgeous ass game in general.


I've been waiting to kill this bastard for 17 years.


Shoutout to the single folks and aromantic types on this the 14th of February.


Happy Holidays you collection of wonderful strangers.


I love that feeling of improving at a video game.


And that's Bloodstained Ritual of the Night beat. It's a solid game that is a bit janky, but it really does fill the void left in my heart by Castlevania.


I managed to complete Bloodstained Curse of the Moon's Nightmare mode last night. That was a really cool twist ending that I would really like to see explored in another game.


Queue boot scootin' boogie.


Nightmare Reaper is pretty groovy.


Just to let everyone know, Goblin Cock has a new album of covers to enjoy.


This class is fun. I can't wait to make a bizarre and sexy glamour.


Today I realized that Zidane just wears jeans, and well now I have this FFXIV glamour.


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