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Going to propose to my girlfriend on Sunday. If I can get over this flu until then.


First game I am playing in the new year/decade is System Shock 1 and I think people in the early 90s must have been a lot smarter than us if they were able manage these controls.


My top 3 of the games realeased this year that I have played:


Found Sir Patrick Stewarts Let's Play Channel


Critcism, especially in light of the Hong Kong protests, is always appropriate. But be wary and critical of what you read and hear about China. A lot of recent commentary is incredibly vile and seems like a precursor to both a new red and yellow scare.


Spooky Halloween story: Yesterday I fell asleep with my ear buds in my ears and my phone next to me. When I woke up in the middle of the night both were on the table next to my bed. I can't remember putting them there.


People love having opinions on things they don't know anything about. It's their favorite thing. How else are they supposed to participate in politically naive social media activism?


I deleted Twitter when I saw a K-Pop account explain how they are a Marxist.


The Intro of Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom shows a map that gets the Yellow River and the Yangzi River confused. A great start for a game supposedly about Chinese history...


I just had to make one of my cats pee in the palm of my hand so I could get a urine sample from him for the vet.


Hello, I don't like Fighting Games. This is the only good one, I think.


I'm playing Dark Souls 3 for the first time and I disagree with making the enemies fast and aggressive like in Bloodborne while leaving me with the standard dodgeroll.


Do you ever just ask someone if they want to marry you but you're not drunk and it's not supposed to be a joke, either?


I would prefer to own it as a physical copy but I'm very tempted to buy Dragon Quest XI while it's on Sale. On one hand the physical version is just 10€ more at a local store, on the other hand I'm very poor and that could be a lot of money to me.


If god is real then why does he allow technology to slightly inconvenience me from time to time?


I watched Battle Angel with a friend. It was okay. Without the mangas gore and twisted humour it felt comparatively bland at times, though.


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