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I highly recommend Foxtail. It's on the easier side as far as classic Point and Click Adventures go but the easy difficulty let's one enjoy the cozy atmosphere of its charming world and its inhabitants, both created through fantastic pixel art.


I like Cyberpunk when it is dark and gloomy and it rains the whole time. Cyberpunk 2077 always looked too flashy and loud to me and now there even is medical evidence that it is.


Netflix has produced a series based on Detention. It doesn't seem to be a direct adaptation of the game though, but rather a sequel/continuation of the story.


Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. You are all good people. <3


Don't expect too much agreement but everything about the Demon's Souls remake looks awful.


I really do not care for the Tales of games but Tales of Berseria at 4 Money is tempting. That's how they get you, I guess.


It's an Ending theme but anyway. Not enough people have watched or remember this OVA series, I think.


If I were famous and the pictures I have saved on my phone got leaked on the internet people would be really disappointed/relieved that it's just several hundred pictures of my cats and an accidental selfie I shot at 2 am when checking my teeth for food.


Why doesn't my avatar in disqus change with my avatar here anymore?


Éowyn from the Rankin/Bass animated Return of the King film is my wifi.


They didn't give me an anesthetic this time...Anyway, my colon is healthy and perfect.


Finally saw my girlfriend again today after 6 months. That was important. Very important. She got a very dark tan during the summer which she hates but I am not complaining, at all.


Recently, I have suddenly been feeling the urge to own a Cowboy hat.


I already posted it under the article about the Wukong game but nobody is going to see it there now, so here again my probably favorite adaptation of (the first part of) Journey to the West to film. If anybody is interested.


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