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Those endlessly long corridors in the original Metroid are intolerable.


Just learned about the "sovereign citizen movement". That's hilarious.


Saw Blade Runner 2049 with a friend. Very good movie!


Who wants to fly over here to watch Blade Runner with me?


Finding the 7th and the 8th Dungeon probably would have been a bit frustrating before the Internet, but other than that I really enjoyed it. For the most part I liked how cryptic it was and actually found that to be one of its most appealing aspects.


Majora's Mask is going to be my pick for the spook season. Never played it.


Playing the original LoZ and I'd sure appreciate it if my very expensive magical shield didn't get eaten repeatedly.


I'm going back to my roots and also am a DIY Person now.


Who cares what Wes likes he won't like it more than once anyway.


Browsing through 80 videos of relaxing "x hours of rain over ocean sounds" and finding one with the occasional seagull squawk in it is the kind of happiness life grants me.


When I hover above peoples profile pics in disqus it always says 0 comments and 0 votes for everyone. I also seem to be having trouble commenting, again. My comments appear, then disappear and then appear again after a while. Is this just me or...?


Well, took Nazis 72 years to get back into the german parliament. We had a good run.


The Dr. Wily stages in Mega Man 2 are thoroughly unenjoyable. This game is not as much of an improvement over the first one as people make it out to be.


The indigenous people of Japan, the Ainu, gave their babies revolting names such as "old poop" and "grandfather's asshole" to fend off bad spirits. I learned this from the manga Golden Kamuy. Which is really good, so there's a manga recommendation 4 free.


Shortly before his murder Julius Caesar enraged senators by receiving them while seated which was seen as a gesture of arrogance. A theory some seemed to hold back then was that he had a bad case of diarrhea and would have crapped himself had he gotten up


For the consecration of the temple of Venus Genetrix in the year 46 C. Julius Caesar gave public games that involved over 400 lions and a giraffe, a 3 day battle involving elephants, infantry and riders and a sea battle in a lake built just for this event


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