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Majora's Mask is great and you'd have to be a complete idiot to think otherwise.


I didn't like Majora's Mask. Too "linear", too many obnoxious mini games, the 3-day cycle just became an inconvenience after a while. The original LoZ is still the best. Going to try Adventure of Link and Link's Awakening in the near future.


Can anybody recommend some good, in depth literature on writing, how to construct a story, etc.?


Looking for some essential literature on why orcs in japanese western-style fantasy are usually just pig-men.


Going to watch Ancient Magus Bride? Going to watch Ancient Magus Bride.


Let's say I was responsible for the music playlist at a christmas party, what song would you give me to put on a loop for 3 hours?


Does anybody have Chronicles of Mystara on Steam and wants to play with me some time? Searching for a match never gives me any results.


Sorry I don't respond to any birthday wishes individually and just upvote lazily, I'm incredibly tired today. Thanks again, everyone.


Ugh, I come home after a 12-hour day at University and gotta upvote all these qposts. (Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!)


You: Hey spiders for sale, what have you been playing all week besides shmups? Me: Ha ha ha... *sweating* Y-your m-mom...?


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