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I have to say I'm kind of getting a bit bored of the "fuck"s and "shit"s and the grimness of a lot of modern fantasy.


I wish I could afford a Switch, it's such a loss for me.


The problem with romance anime is that I don't want any of the characters to actually get together but want all of them to die alone and sad like me. Especially my waifu. I'm a very bitter man...


Observing Dangus Taargus' activity on Steam is a wild ride every day.


I watched the first two episodes of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. It's pretty good.


Watched the first three episodes of is what people like these days, huh.


Unpopular opinion: My shitty Notch qpost deserved to be front-paged


Hi. I hope ya'll cats are ready to party this whole hot saturday night long. Check out the comments for some funky ass tunes that I'm currently jamming out to.


Went to the book store. (english title of the one on the right is "The Three-Body Problem")


Is Ready Player One just a ~400 pages long "Bazinga!"?


Just got a pm from Vadicta in which he told me he shat his pants because he saw a bottle of Ketchup.


Pooping. The bathroom door is closed. Outside. Someone is licking his paws. Impatiently. Go away. Leave.


Game of Thrones has just been glorified fan fiction since at least two seasons. Still going to keep on watching it at this point, I guess. Dr. Who is bad.


Well, just got rejected. Sure doesn't feel good.


I'm incapable of making someone care about me and will die alone.


Just got a girl's phone nunber. Wanted to share this event with you, my only family.

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Kind of in the mood for an RPG but at the same time I'm not ready to commit to something that's 50+ hours long. This is a problem.


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