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I hope in the near future they'll have to put pictures of racist tweets by guys with smug anime girls with maga hats as avatars on anime DVD cases as a warning like with cigarettes.


Internet has returned to me! Wonder Boy the Dragon's Trap is out now on steam, by the way.


You people don't even know why I asked you not to vote for it, what if it was because someone threatened to shoot my mother if you did?


Hey, I made a poll! You get to decide over my near future because I'm indecisive! It's in the comments. Edit: I'm not doing this. Pick something else.


You know what? Poll's closed! You fuckers want to see me suffer?! Fine! Actually, let's take it a step further! Another Poll! Decide with which character I'm going to do this. Doesn't matter if you know anything about the game just pick one!


There's nothing worse than getting the one pity-upvote from weslikestacos when no one likes your qpost.


Just a reminder that none of you are friends with me on Steam. I mean, you don't have to be my friends, it's ok...


I would like to officially and publically thank Inquisitive Ravenclaw for regularily enriching my Twitter feed with a channel titled "lewd anime feet". Rock on, my friend.


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