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More books. Got this slightly used for 4 units of local currency.


Love it when I order a book online and it has one of those hideous, non-removable "soon to be a tv series" stickers on the cover that it didn't have in the picture online.


RPGs don't look like this anymore and that's a mistake.


Kind of hesitant on Valheim because Vikings are boring.


Playing an old From Soft game for the PS1 called Echo Night. It has a casino section that you have to do to get the good ending. It's the worst thing I have ever experienced in a Video Game. I have been stuck in Limbo playing Black Jack for 2 hours.


It's a common misconception that I play Video Games.


Do you ever check howlongtobeat.com before starting a new game to help you decide and it says ~10 hours but then you reach the 20 hour mark and the end isn't even in sight and you feel both lied to and like you are the worst at Video Games?


Where is the sense in remaking/remastering a game in a graphical style that is going to age worse than the original?


It's currently about 3 money on GOG and probably Steam as well, so I recommend that you check out Driftmoon, an RPG created by a Finnish couple that was very obviously strongly inspired by Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. It was a really good time.


I highly recommend Foxtail. It's on the easier side as far as classic Point and Click Adventures go but the easy difficulty let's one enjoy the cozy atmosphere of its charming world and its inhabitants, both created through fantastic pixel art.


I like Cyberpunk when it is dark and gloomy and it rains the whole time. Cyberpunk 2077 always looked too flashy and loud to me and now there even is medical evidence that it is.


Netflix has produced a series based on Detention. It doesn't seem to be a direct adaptation of the game though, but rather a sequel/continuation of the story.


Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. You are all good people. <3


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