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It's just a Remaster not a Remake so Bed of Chaos will still be in it. Thank god.


Yume Nikki was just released on Steam out of nowhere and there is a weird countdown here: https://promo.kadokawa.co.jp/gamecountdown/


By the way, heads-up if you hadn't noticed, the first episode of Junji Ito Collection is out.


Playing Ori and the Blind Forest for the first time. I like it but it's no Hollow Knight. Appreciate the focus on platforming though even if they were obviously trying to cover up some questionable design here and there with the instant-save feature.


I drunk-watched Cube yesterday and read some analysis of the film on the internet and it used the word "Kafkaesque". I then fell asleep and when I briefly woke up opened my browser to just post that word as a qpost on here.


Happy New Year! I'm playing Ultima. Ultima VII. I tried starting with Ultima IV but it's a bit too archaic for me and since IV-VI are a trilogy I skipped right to VII, which I'm enjoying quite a lot so far. It's incredible that this game is 25 years old.


Here are my Top 5: 1. West of Loathing 2. Detention 3. Night in the Woods 4. Hollow Knight 5. Persona 5. Coincidentally, those are also all the games released this year that I've played so far.


Who is in charge of the next chapter for the book we're writing and where is it, you lazy bum?


Oh look at that, a teaser for the Golden Kamuy anime adaption!


Majora's Mask is great and you'd have to be a complete idiot to think otherwise.


I didn't like Majora's Mask. Too "linear", too many obnoxious mini games, the 3-day cycle just became an inconvenience after a while. The original LoZ is still the best. Going to try Adventure of Link and Link's Awakening in the near future.




Can anybody recommend some good, in depth literature on writing, how to construct a story, etc.?


Looking for some essential literature on why orcs in japanese western-style fantasy are usually just pig-men.


Going to watch Ancient Magus Bride? Going to watch Ancient Magus Bride.


Let's say I was responsible for the music playlist at a christmas party, what song would you give me to put on a loop for 3 hours?


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