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Time to find out, just how much *cocks gun* Wes likes Tacos.


When I was a child I spent the summer holidays with my parents in France. It was 1998, the football world cup took place in France and they won. That day I saw a naked man who had painted his pierced dick in the french national colors.


I was shilling Hollow Knight on here before it was cool.


Mama kitty was run over by a car and died. I'm done.


Divinity OS is losing steam after the first area. A lot more combat, a lot less interesting things to see and interact with. Said combat is slowly turning into mere routine, as well.


One of the little baby kitties from the photo I posted a few days ago died. So cruel...It looked preventable and I'm incredibly angry at the lady "taking care" of them.


Whoever designed the female orcs in Divinity Original Sin needs to drink a hot cup of green tea and calm down.


Iconoclasts is not a JRPG and yet its story feels like it came straight out of one of the great classics of the genre. Love it so far.


3 days left for my assignment and I hate each one of the 12 pages I've written so far.


Does anybody remember that TNG season 1 episode about a planet ruled by white women with 80s hair dressed like Samurai?


Whenever I write an assignment or essay I always have the feeling I'm just writing down whatever sounds smart as opposed to something that actually means anything.


I don't think I have ever played a game in which you have to eat and drink to survive and it actually added anything meaningful and didn't just turn into simply having to make a few tedious additional clicks every couple of minutes after 1/3 of the game.


Kingdom Come: Deliver Ants in which you deliver ants to an alchemist in medieval Bohemia. With the ants' urine he then concocts a powerful potion that will make you really high.


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