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I just...really wanna play this, man.


Well, now I understand why Sony isn't going to be at E3 after watching that boring stream.


God Eater 3 finished.


And for once, the data mine is wrong. Comes from Fanfest. EDIT: Trailer in comments.


This went far more places than I was expecting.


I'm surprised this isn't CollegeHumor putting together an official movie or something...


Gonna be a busy day on the 25th. This announcement, FF14 FES, tournament, FF14 update, FF15 Ardyn, FF7 Switch...


I'm gonna have to get used to Heart having an English voice actress...


Yea, that's definitely a ramp up for Heart's sprite since AH3...


Yea, not playing Sekiro just yet. Rocking this huge sword in another game.


Well. Good to know I'm not the only one that plays GE3. 8P raid and I get second. Not too bad.


Might want to change your FB password, if you have them. Apparently, Zuck stored hundreds of millions of passwords in plain text going all the way back to 2012.


The Outer Worlds now has an exclusivity deal with Epic (and technically MS Store but eh). Won't be out on Steam until 12 months after release. Welp.


You know I wasn't expecting a remake of Blaster Master ever let alone a sequel to it.


Bigger numbers. Also a way to take a monster's freaking head off.


Can't wait to see how Stadia performs against Cave shmups.


Numbers. Everywhere.


I dunno, telling a kid 'get off the Google' just doesn't have the same shine as 'get off the Nintendo' to me.


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