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Wait, this isn't CTR...




Umu course. Beta. Friend of mine's working on it. (And a certain UMU racer, eventually)


"What do your four fighting mains say about you?" ...Hm. Let me get back to you on that.


What the heck?


AMA time. I haven't done one of these in over a year so...yea.


'Extremely dangerous. Keep out of reach of children.' 'Cool!'


Got bored. Ended up setting a console record. Not my all-time best, though. I still want a Switch version of Planet Puzzle League/Tetris Attack so bad...


Guess I better practice C-Ciel or H-Ryougi soon. Not like anyone around here probably plays Melty. Or at least I haven't heard anything about bathroom tournaments mentioned here.


Came a lot sooner than I thought but...wow. These are nice. Shame this isn't the 90's anymore...


This is the wildest cast and thing.


All right, last one about Kart for a bit but I just figured you'd want to see the finished product with others. Check the comments for the 'alternate' Encore version of it.


It's just a square kart battle map. But it's also got gravity. Also, the only weapons are mines.


If you like sick snipes, see the comments of this thread.


I made a thing. Vids eventually.


Next week will be interesting.


Was going through some of the stuff I listened to back around 2003. That was also the year I got the only speeding ticket I've ever had. Wonder why.


The damn dam.


Pick your poison. They're all real good but I don't know your tolerance either.


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