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Last one for a bit. This one took a bit of planning to get right. They're a bunch of ideas I had for the power-up put into a small level. Not too hard but it'll make you think a bit if you've never taken the time to use Builder Mario.


Friend's. Just don't expect it to be easy. If you somehow get 80 seconds or better, hats off to you. Again - not easy and not intended to be 'fun'. (I think he thinks he's Ross)


Got another present for you.


Think I've found this thing's limit. I'm just surprised this runs at all.


Well, I got to Pi 4 doing what I want it. Now I just wait for a much better all-in-one solution for the software sometime down the road.


Cats (2019)


Well, after some overclocking and some digging, I got at least some progress on that Raspberry Pi. Duodecim works well on it.


EGS even getting Tetris exclusives...


Just a reminder that LGR does more than tech.


Couldn't decide on which pasta so I made both.


Not really a quick throw-together here but something I was thinking of that I thought I'd make tonight.


Masochism is a strange thing.


Someone requested I should do an ice level. So I did an ice level.


Limit break allows survival.


Up to 3000 spam. Still not caught yet.


I've come up with a new recipe.


AMA time. Also, buy me this.


I'm very curious about this first death here.




My emulation station is about to get an upgrade.


Good lord. This is a very different course now from the original and the speed speaks volumes for what we've done in two weeks.


Super Mario Maker 2 competitive right now.


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