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Welcome to parries and just defense.


Thaaaat's not a good sign. If you or anyone's around that pink area today, I'd be in shelter or ready to move at a moment's notice.


I've seen this now you have to as well.


Yea. I'm just gonna ignore the same-y posts and put this here.


Keanu Reeves and puppies are what I needed today.


NIS is in deep, deep trouble.


Just a heads up that the Eurovision grand finals are today.


Oh no it's Arino (for SMM2 brought to you by HETA--er--Nintendo).


Joel pouring one out for YTMND.


Watch Batman vs. TMNT. Thanks.


Reminder to watch Senko. Thank.


A reminder that this exists.


You had my curiosity but now you have my attention.


Well. That was an interesting night.


Gonna need milk and the biggest turkey sammich you can find.


Back. I miss anything? Aside from the drama that permeated even my vacation time?


That's pretty much everyone here, right?


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