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I got Twitch working for the first time in four years. I guess I fixed whatever was ailing my connection. Looks pretty good for a test/no commentary short vid. Might do something with it. Maybe.


Where's our local Foghorn?


In an interesting twist, I'm beta testing for NISA now. This'll be interesting.


Due in one day. Translated patch notes are probably going to be inbound soon but if you want to see the untranslated patch notes you can view them here. New hero mode and Rank X.


2 hour or so game last night using Parsec. Came down to one dice roll. Had I not nailed it (got exact) and lady playing Carver rolled a 2 or better her next turn, I would've lost due to Bank Salary...


...I should've got one of these things a lot sooner.


w e e d d a y


Bloodstained team sent out surveys to the backers just now. I like how they think.


I have no idea what さっぱり happened there.


I don't know if a lot has been said about this but I have been using Parsec quite a bit as of late with a few people. It's not completely perfect and tends to have issues past three players but... (more in comments)


Just a heads up that the TitS trilogy is on sale for a decent price on GOG. The games by themselves are also on sale.


NISA is not earning a lot of brownie points as of late.


Just a heads up that all things Cave are half off or more right now. And no the vid used from a Cave game is not one available on Steam. Yet.


I gotta say, that was a pretty fast platinum, even for the fact that I do have a background in these kind of games.


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