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Uhm...who here went/goes to NeoGAF and what was your draw? I've never been (to stay or past being linked) so I'm kinda curious about the outpouring as of late over its potential demise.


I don't think you can get much closer than that to a near 3-way tie in Sonic & ASRT...


Speaking of things that came out 25 years ago, Super Mario Land 2 came out on the Oct. 21, 1992 in Japan (it would come out a few days later in NA on Nov. 1).


Streamed RKS on a whim earlier because people asked me if they could watch while we were in Discord call. Got a good distance in after about a decade.


VA-11 HALL-A has won Famitsu's best indie game award.


What YEAR is it?!




Just so you know, I'm not going anywhere. You haven't scared me off yet even though this place is mostly this all the time.


On music you've heard in games, give me your A B S O L U T E W O R S T you've heard.


RKSF finally made it on Steam yesterday. Is on sale along with the original. Comes with a high recommendation if you're into Megaman-esque titles. Don't go into it thinking it's easy, though...


Well that was a fight. First Japan with the OHKO and then the States with a chainsword fatality. Kinda hope this becomes a thing.


Now to take ten years coming up with a party configuration...


More friendly reminders.


This entire thing is fanfiction. Have you ever hit someone so hard that they turned into Guile?




A daily reminder.


Nice. Now that's done too.


In a heartbeat.


...g......g.........g.....nice. EDIT: Added VOD.


FYI, Discord has shit the bed. They're doing a reset right now. Must be pretty serious. EDIT: Seems to be resolving. Try re-logging in if you're still out.


F R I D A Y (t h e t h i r t e e n t h)


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