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Not so bad. Definitely an X variant candidate.




Best dressed duo.


Shiny? For me? Don't mind if I do!


Sony's ditching E3.


This continues to be refined. Just hope it doesn't take another decade to release...


Another shot for Ravenclaw.


Here we go again. W10 1809 update starts re-rolling out now. Hopefully we don't get a repeat of how the last launch went...


Heh. All right.


Meme overwritten with Mr. Meme.


I wonder if I get as bad as the Siege meme with this. Naw. That'll never happen.


I've never made a German more angry. EDIT: Updated with vid in comments.




Done. Word of advice: Use a USB 3.0 device instead of a USB 2.0. Would've worked for me a hell of a lot faster, I think.


This is a pretty boring game. I'd rather play Desert Bus.


Not too bad. The entirety of Journey Mode (on Beginner) SS'd. No way I'm doing much better than that, though.


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