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This will likely fly under a lot of people's radar but Distance got out of Early Access a few days back and I took the time to play through the campaign and a few other things this evening. Worth a look.


Hold on...WHAT?


Nobuo Uematsu isn't doing well. As such, he's stopped work until further notice. Hopefully, not permanently...


That was fast.


My timeline in a nutshell most of the day today.


Passed out with the Switch demo of Coven in my lap last night. In lieu of a review, I'd tell you to track the demo down if you're a dungeon crawl or Etrian fan. Mind that mature content, though...


Not too bad for $129.


Been seeing this all day.


Time to train for Puyo eSports.


Just an idea of how big the gap is on prices of some of the games on Steam between countries...


That's gonna be an import.


Hohohoooo boy...here comes HELL and a wonderful OST.


Well, I think it's all right.


And to think, it's going to get even more expensive than this once those China tariffs go into effect at the start of the month...unless you buy a pre-built with on in it already or something.


GOG giving away some free stuff. Shadow Warrior and Tyrian are among these. Those are good.


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