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After enough fiddling, Dtoid is loadable on Windows 98SE. Kinda.




I thought this was common knowledge at this point but this is the second time in a month someone's been amazed to find that Proto Man's theme in MM3 is actually cut off by the end credits. It's in the data, it's just never heard. Passing this on.


For those that have it, you need to update Windows 10. Like, now.


Saya no Uta is out on Steam today. I hold no responsibility for the knowledge I have just granted you.


Star Stacker existed on the Super Famicom as well, it's just it was never translated. Until this past weekend, anyways.


Welcome to Touhou 17, yeehaw.


Next one is up.


In this house, upgrades take F O R F U C K I N G E V E R


I want tacos. I just don't know what tacos I want.


My supply of levels for SMM2 have begun to dry up which is not a surprise when Three Houses exists. Are there any people who I've not gone over your offerings yet?


Pretty sure this is relevant here.


Number 15. Just destroy everything. -Bumping for people actually awake now-


Today's news in an image.


Totally false.


Welcome to Under Night Drain Cleaner.


Well I hit the minimum requirement for a medal for Maker Points all-time on SMM2. Doubt I get said medal though since I'm not a popular YT or Twitch celeb. Appreciate the support getting me this far though.


Looks like not-Chrono Trigger got an English patch for Vita.


Progress on that Pi 4.


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