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Also, Squeenix needs to get on localizing this. You can play this right now with region hopping but the menus might be enough to confuse some.


DFF NT's got a release date. And an ultimate edition that costs $190.


Let's play a game here.


Oh for fuck's sake GIVE ME A BETA KEY ALREADY!


'Possible lizard men during the eclipse.' ... ... ...


Time to choose.


Smarter reaction than most unfortunate protagonists.


That's quite the title.


If we're still going over useless things we learned as a kid, I can recite the alphabet backwards.




Welcome to a localized 'MMO of Nep Neps'.


Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I'm glad people here wanted to wish me a happy day and everything. Thanks a bunch!


Welcome to 'Spam Voice Clips', the game.


FGO so random.


Jumped from C- to B-. That's one way to get into league really quick!


I get that people like to try new gear but if I'm beating teams 3v4 with an L1 on our side, that's probably a sign to try something else...


Finally got Profreshional rank. This run helped.


Leave it to my mother to know that the fastest way to my heart is through my stomach. Birfday stuff.


A computer mouse problem. This day.


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