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Got a few for you tonight.




Tetris Effect is down to $19.99. If for whatever reason you haven't gotten it yet and you have a PS4, you should really take the time.


Yuna in two days.


Just a reminder that SFV starts its free week today. Base game is $7.99 and AE version is $19.99 right now (which nets you the first two season passes, not the third). All the other content is also on sale. Vid not necessarily related.


He's a beast. They don't stand a ghost of a chance.


Oh you wanted Smash x P5 art? OK.


I know that everyone will want to Smash for the next however long but for those that want a change of pace, keep in mind that SF V goes free for a week on Tuesday. Might be worth it to you to give it a shot if you're on the fence.


This, too, with randos.


Still had time during all the Smashing to get my butt beat by Hoff in SFV.


From last night. Replay mode could use some work. Definitely using OBS next time.


The first fatality from the Joker reveal: one laptop


Gotta admit, this has been one HELL of a night for debuts.


One more hour and then I get to recreate this gem.






I sure like the Red Dead Redemption 2 Awards show.


1 more day. My wallet cries as of late.


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