On DES: Heroes of the Storm: Mephisto revealed at Gamescom 2018
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Out of curiosity, what's everyone hyped for within the next month?


About all I'm doing today, so far.


Mmmm. Nope. I just don't have that kind of faith. Not in DotEmu and not in anyone other than Data East. Already been burned on Magical Drop V.


Bloodstained's been pulled to 2019. Will no longer come to Vita.


How accurate's this?


These bots are getting smarter.


I like TASes whose sole purpose is to break the ever-living crap out of any given title.


Everyone went to see Slenderman and I go to see Mission Impossible. I'm thinking I made the right call here.




Book of the day.




Well I start my thirty-fifth year schlepping this pebble today.


Chasm cleared. ...So close.


Hold up. What's Slayers doing in Valkyrie Profile?


"Why I'm Single"


Can someone explain to me the benefits of spending 1250 USD on a phone?


About time.


Pink? What's pink? WHAT'S PINK?!


I think this community would appreciate the derpiest Tyranitar I have ever seen.


You think you are above consequence. >Yes No


Great. I got Labrys now.


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