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Full house.


All right. Fine. Let's just do that. Let's beat Sekiro using fucking bongos.


So they actually took the time to localize it proper. Voices and all. Wasn't expecting that.


That didn't take us long.


Up to Labyrinth 10 in Nexus. Pretty sure I'm in the home stretch.


May 7th. Guess Puyo Puyo eSports as a name wouldn't really fly in the Western world, huh?


Hey, who wants to give me about a half million Ental loan for this? I'll pay ya back. Honest.


Ohhh. OHHHHH!!!!


Okay so remember when those millions of FB passwords were leaked? Well, now you can change your Instagram password too.


Hey. Gave you guys fair warning.


Need some background noise for more than 3 hours?


Remember to change out your cabin air filter once in a while. Like every 15-30K mileage. Unless you like breathing this.


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