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Ravenclaw and I added one more game to the list.


This is the bad end. Especially at 4:37.




AMA time! Questions go in the comments. I'll answer them at my leisure (read: probably an hour or two).


Tetris 99 is getting a few new modes in the next update. Just keeps getting better.


New Ahoy vid up.


YT tossed Sheet Boss Music's monetization. So now they can't get paid for anymore RUSH videos. Because reasons.


Everyone always breaks down on Da Bomb.


All done with the demo of Daemon X Machina. Very impressive but kinda lax on the framerate during heavy fire.


World champion.


Nothing on AC but I'll take what we got.




Best girl got added to FGOA.


TPP started on this day five years ago.


Weezer put this up today.


Great. Now I'm hungry.


I'm amazed that Pokken DX is still 60 bucks MSRP. Even Amazon's not that far off the mark. Ninty really does hold onto that franchise for all it's worth. I'd be impressed if it had any game left online. And I play Dissidia!


Red knows how it is.


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