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They've done a teardown of the PS5, which I'm happy they've done because that sheds some light on the design underneath. Good news is there's an expansion SSD slot for a second drive. Bad news is the primary SSD is baked onto the system board...


What Disgaea is this?


I feel like I'd need another ten years of free time to get this good. Doing nothing but this.


Holi-Live + Banjo-Kazooie + Abbot + Costello =


So we didn't get to play Among Us last night due to the servers being ass. Still didn't mean I couldn't make other people rage on other things though. Also, this is a map a friend of mine's working on.


How to slow down a PS4.


Still working on it.


The Chromebook hell continues. Comes in with the description 'cracked'. Should've said 'slightly shotgunned'.


One thing I'll always enjoy about any of the Smash directs though is the immediate memes that come out.


Wow, Steve's announcement was so powerful that it broke Twitter.


Working on it. Gonna see if I can get plat.


Time to get ready.


Here's that VOD. Of course the thumbnail is my dead ass.


Well, my night's booked up.


It's coming along.


Me too, Mr. Elevator, me too.


Never thought I'd see the day where I'd play this again. And win. Han for the win.


Death of a titan.


Why FGO makes over several billion dollars of revenue a year.


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