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I want tacos. I just don't know what tacos I want.


My supply of levels for SMM2 have begun to dry up which is not a surprise when Three Houses exists. Are there any people who I've not gone over your offerings yet?


Pretty sure this is relevant here.


Number 15. Just destroy everything. -Bumping for people actually awake now-


Today's news in an image.


Totally false.


Welcome to Under Night Drain Cleaner.


Well I hit the minimum requirement for a medal for Maker Points all-time on SMM2. Doubt I get said medal though since I'm not a popular YT or Twitch celeb. Appreciate the support getting me this far though.


Looks like not-Chrono Trigger got an English patch for Vita.


Progress on that Pi 4.


...Oh boy.


Built that for someone today.


Someone beat 100 Super Expert courses in a row and all they got was this lousy shirt (it's edamame).


Obscene levels of disrespect in this vid. Though I guess when you're playing as Ivy...


Next one. Hope you can fly.


Time to go to a casino.


Yea, I'm getting this. There's no reason I wouldn't.


DreamcaSSsssssssSt emulation on the Raspberry Pi 4 will take some time.


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