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Dorian's now a major hurricane again. And it looks like it's chosen South Carolina and probably North Carolina too. I'd say if you're around Charleston, you might want to book it.


What have you brought upon this cursed land?


I gave it a day or so to stew but it really does look like FF8 Remastered on Steam flopped pretty bad in the reviews. Numerous issues across the board.




Cid, you okay there buddy?


So maybe...not...Florida?


Just a heads up that there's a flash sale on PSN right now until the 2nd and that Extella/Link is one of them. Also, umu.


Up to 20 levels created as of now.


Florida, you might wanna get ready to move.


It's coming along.


There. I did the thing.


I streamed some SMM2 earlier. Audio for me's a bit quiet because I was facing away from the mic in another part of the room but it was a kind of impromptu deal and I wasn't expecting my stream to work.


Just a heads up, because apparently people haven't seen this, but it's not like Misako and Kyoko are new characters and all with River City Girls. That said, you should reeeeally look this [translated] 25-year-old title up before RCG releases next month.


I still got some ideas left.


So that's...Linux...and DOSBox...and Doom 2...and a WAD (well, 2 WADs and a DEH) that works on Doom 2 on that is modern day design. Kinda neat. Kinda roundabout.


Boy you don't know how good you got it until your forced to use cell phone Internet as a way online and that's a downgrade (when it wouldn't have been a decade and a half ago).


That's how you play on Hyrule Temple.


Ooo...yea. That should be fun to hear about.


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