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Well, after some overclocking and some digging, I got at least some progress on that Raspberry Pi. Duodecim works well on it.


EGS even getting Tetris exclusives...


Just a reminder that LGR does more than tech.


Couldn't decide on which pasta so I made both.


Not really a quick throw-together here but something I was thinking of that I thought I'd make tonight.


Masochism is a strange thing.


Someone requested I should do an ice level. So I did an ice level.


Limit break allows survival.


Up to 3000 spam. Still not caught yet.


I've come up with a new recipe.


AMA time. Also, buy me this.


I'm very curious about this first death here.




My emulation station is about to get an upgrade.


Good lord. This is a very different course now from the original and the speed speaks volumes for what we've done in two weeks.


Super Mario Maker 2 competitive right now.


Can't let Vyse get everything.


You ready for some more?


Just a heads up if you didn't already know but the Grand Prix is going for CTR. I've done enough to reach Silver Tier, at least.


Making headway. C rank in MPV. Still got a long while before I can swap Luigi's outfit for Mario but it's a start.


Totally canon.


6 frame deficit...


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