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Just letting you know this time that I'm leaving. If you need to get in touch with me, you can find my contact info in my profile. Bye for now.


I'm busy tonight.


I'm having a day.


Betting starts now, taking all comers.


Well, I'm in a pinch on this CS4 launch. Can't refund it because Sony says I didn't order it. Can't dispute it because I'll get banned by Sony. Sheesh.


Already starting out on the wrong foot here, NISA... Update: Not downloadable. NISA missed the launch time.


Talk about a game I'd like on Steam...now that you can't buy it on the PS3...


So this happened today.


Everyone disliked that.


How to get 1M followers on YT.


Whew, what a shit-show; this went from humorous to sad very quickly.


Just a heads up to those of you wanting to update to the latest version of Windows 10, the October/20H2/2009 update, be aware that Discord can break. Removing the AppData folders in Local and Roaming and reinstalling worked for me.


What is this incredibly silly shit?


That's it. This fight is canon.


Watch a blue shell chase me for 20 minutes.


About the best price I've ever seen that at plus discount.


Just an FYI but on the SNES Online version of Picross, it's 2P. That was fun online tonight. Also, 'no'.


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