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I'm out. I'll be back whenever. You can get me in the meantime in the usual places. Later.


Communicord, in a nutshell.


Reimu lies.


AMA time. Throw your questions at me. I suck at baseball, though.


This seems like it needs this community's input.


This is how we're gonna start out 2018. OK? OK. OK! OK!


Happy New Year, everybody.


Annnnd that's the last one I make for the year.


...Come TO LIIIFE!


Dancing games.


Just a heads up that the above is $4.99 on the PS4. Not bad, considering it goes for $60 on the Switch. EDIT: Sold out. Thanks for playing.


If you have a PS4, Dissidia NT is getting an open beta in Japan. Might end up having one in the US too but that's yet to be confirmed. UPDATE: NA/EU confirmed Jan 12-21.


Did a thing for once after months. Nothing fancy but enough to say I still know how to use FT, at least.


#ScreenshotSaturday 2/6/2004. I thought I was hot shit for AAing PARANOiA Survivor MAX on Beginner on keyboard on StepMania.


...Sounds like Led Zeppelin.


Fed to...oh my.


Fire Emblem Heroes (2017).


Ey. Better.


Can we do something about this (profile not working, cblog links not working, etc.), please?


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