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If you want to spoof a Japanese account and have a PS4, Dissidia NT is getting an open beta there. Might end up having one in the US too but that's yet to be confirmed.


Did a thing for once after months. Nothing fancy but enough to say I still know how to use FT, at least.


#ScreenshotSaturday 2/6/2004. I thought I was hot shit for AAing PARANOiA Survivor MAX on Beginner on keyboard on StepMania.


...Sounds like Led Zeppelin.


Fed to...oh my.


Fire Emblem Heroes (2017).


Ey. Better.


Can we do something about this (profile not working, cblog links not working, etc.), please?


It's that time of the year, after all.


I know at least one I'd take #DubsOverSubs for animu. Justin Cook did a fantastic job here. Hell, they all did for YYH.




People need to see this.


Location tests for FGOA start tomorrow.


Who here would buy a remaster of CTR on the PS4 (or, any console) provided it also had online? Or would that be a deal breaker at all for people?


Iwata would have turned 58 today and somebody had to remind me about that.


As of today, Steam no longer accepts BTC as payment for games. This is probably why.


FF5 turns 25 today. And it single-handedly got me into the franchise, emulation and RPGs in general (back in 1998).


Parappa hit drinking age today.


I looked up what happened to YGO after being out of the game for a few years...


Arcana Heart 3: Love Max Six Stars!!!!!! (Colloquially known as AH3LMSS) out in a week.


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