NE: Babymetal summons Ninjala to Switch
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AMA time. Been long enough. I think. Just ask about whatever per the usual. Also, candy.


I had a feeling it wouldn't be long once we started cracking the code on the Switch's security...


You ever uppercut someone so hard that you blue screened?


And that's how that night ends.


My focus is unparalleled.


Mondays right after gaming practically the whole weekend.


This has basically been me all game so far.


mayro krat


It was been a long time since I've burnt that kind of manpower on a game in a day or so's time. The entirety of the crew's first chapter is done. And a good portion of that time clock was done in areas well outside the intended path.


Do NOT piss off old ladies.


I might be a -tad- bit in over my head here.


For the lazy among us that want to play Octopath without cooking after a long week, Pizza Hut's half off right now. Been a long time since I've touched one of these.


This reminds me that we haven't had an actual PDP/TA title in a very long time...


So CS4 really DOES come full circle...


I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner for the series. Like Duodecim sooner.


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