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Well that was a fight. First Japan with the OHKO and then the States with a chainsword fatality. Kinda hope this becomes a thing.


Now to take ten years coming up with a party configuration...


More friendly reminders.


This entire thing is fanfiction. Have you ever hit someone so hard that they turned into Guile?




A daily reminder.


Nice. Now that's done too.


In a heartbeat.


...g......g.........g.....nice. EDIT: Added VOD.


FYI, Discord has shit the bed. They're doing a reset right now. Must be pretty serious. EDIT: Seems to be resolving. Try re-logging in if you're still out.


F R I D A Y (t h e t h i r t e e n t h)


I just finished Doki Doki Literature Club.


AMA time. Got some time while I play boss person this week to sit down and do this so...have at you.


E̯V̟̳E͙̫̬̪̬̥͡R̯̰̦͔̳̹͝Y̝̙̥͓̻̲͔T̵H̱̲̺̱͜IN͕̺̣̝G͙̻̺̥̣ ͖̙̺̹͙͘I̥͈̥̱̕S̙̭͍̩̱̗ ̹͇̀F̬̳͖͇͡I̤Ń̠̳̝̣̦̳E̖͚̯̩ ̻̳̥N̗Ǫ̱̲̞T̢̝̗̺͔̥̙̙H̠̻I͔͎̝̼͖̣̻N͔̺G̣̩͎̳ ͖̰͜I̗͢


Just a reminder. Tonight at 8PM...you...


20 years. And because of that Bandai is releasing them again come November 5th. $14.99 MSRP.


Gremlins, huh?


So the person that worked on the art for AM2R made this.




New animu season starts.


If any of you have Xenoverse 2 on Steam, you might need to be aware of what's changed: They added EAC to the startup which is notorious for phoning home data even after the game in question is closed, among other things.


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