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Just a heads up from that ransomware notice earlier this morning, if you ever run into this fake CHKDSK, power off immediately. That's the encryption at work. You should be able to recover with a Live CD at that point.


Oh I sure hope this doesn't become a thing I have to tackle all this week. Spreads through SMB, apparently.


It's a start. I've got a long way to go before I'm anywhere close to useful in the long term but I did manage to pull another 4* (Assassin) earlier in FGO.


On how many that Nintendo will actually make of the SNES Classic...well, it's better than the NES Mini but it's only for this year. No word after that. So it's a limited-time deal, yet again.


Garbage pulls for my start but if you want a L26 Saber Lily in your party, my ID is 237,639,070. Let me know in here if it's you because I've been getting requests out the ass and I only have so much of a limit right now (12 max, 2 taken).


It makes it easier on both parties if you come clean about what you've done with a system before I try to fix it. Less labor time too. Went from blindly guessing to fixing a system in five minutes admitting someone else did 'something' with it.


Nintendo already debunking possession with the cap. Gee, wonder why...


Going through some old VikingGuitar since it's a topic right now in Discord.


Well that's one cap reached. You'll notice everything is pretty much 20M now with a few catches. 99M for the maximum is going to take a little time, though.


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