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More friendly reminders.


This entire thing is fanfiction. Have you ever hit someone so hard that they turned into Guile?




A daily reminder.


Nice. Now that's done too.


In a heartbeat.


...g......g.........g.....nice. EDIT: Added VOD.


FYI, Discord has shit the bed. They're doing a reset right now. Must be pretty serious. EDIT: Seems to be resolving. Try re-logging in if you're still out.


F R I D A Y (t h e t h i r t e e n t h)


I just finished Doki Doki Literature Club.


AMA time. Got some time while I play boss person this week to sit down and do this so...have at you.


E̯V̟̳E͙̫̬̪̬̥͡R̯̰̦͔̳̹͝Y̝̙̥͓̻̲͔T̵H̱̲̺̱͜IN͕̺̣̝G͙̻̺̥̣ ͖̙̺̹͙͘I̥͈̥̱̕S̙̭͍̩̱̗ ̹͇̀F̬̳͖͇͡I̤Ń̠̳̝̣̦̳E̖͚̯̩ ̻̳̥N̗Ǫ̱̲̞T̢̝̗̺͔̥̙̙H̠̻I͔͎̝̼͖̣̻N͔̺G̣̩͎̳ ͖̰͜I̗͢


Just a reminder. Tonight at 8PM...you...


20 years. And because of that Bandai is releasing them again come November 5th. $14.99 MSRP.


Gremlins, huh?


So the person that worked on the art for AM2R made this.




New animu season starts.


If any of you have Xenoverse 2 on Steam, you might need to be aware of what's changed: They added EAC to the startup which is notorious for phoning home data even after the game in question is closed, among other things.


Been seeing this all day.


Octopath Traveler demo completed as Primrose. More info in the comments. May have slight spoilers for said demo.


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