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It makes it easier on both parties if you come clean about what you've done with a system before I try to fix it. Less labor time too. Went from blindly guessing to fixing a system in five minutes admitting someone else did 'something' with it.


Nintendo already debunking possession with the cap. Gee, wonder why...


Going through some old VikingGuitar since it's a topic right now in Discord.


Well that's one cap reached. You'll notice everything is pretty much 20M now with a few catches. 99M for the maximum is going to take a little time, though.


Just a heads up that version 3.0.0 of the Switch's firmware is out. Adds a lot of nice things.


I'd like to see the thought process that went from 'my latte was wrong' to 'I'm going to fucking stab you'. I'm glad I don't work in food. I have nothing but respect (most times) for those kind of people that have to put up with shit like this.


#OSTatWork Goes to BDFF today. I actually post one of these in the morning on my feed during the weekdays when I'm at work.


Here's another one of those FT files I got done for those that have played Link's Awakening enough to know this theme.


Wow...ARMS is bad. Like...really bad for the CPU. If you're good enough to beat L4 on Grand Prix to unlock Ranked Mode, you have the patience of a saint. I don't like the control schemes whatsoever, either.


Start at 24:00. ARMS invitational finale. Tourney winner vs. the producer of the game. And it's a hell of a match.


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