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Senate decided to repeal the FCC's decision to get rid of net neutrality.Close call but I'm glad to get some good news for once.


Let's be real we all know it was Kimishima's brilliant plan that saved Nintendo (detailed below). Here's hoping the next president has an equally effective plan.


I know some of you love Jeff Goldblum and Steamed Hams but how about both of them together!


Forget Pokemon Go, I'm ready to play FFXIV Go!


While not exactly a cat girl picture, I'm sure you guys would be like this.


For those you who have played the dlc for Wolfenstein 2, is it worth it? Asking cause the season pass is on sale on the PSN Store.


So Sakurai mentioned that he's been working on Smash for switch day after day. I really hope he doesn't over do it :(


Also I hope you all noticed that Link looked like his incarnation from BoTW as well!


Well the person that predicted that Smash announcement with the Splatoon characters gets all the point!


Luigi's Mansion for 3DS!!!!


Here's the FC leader study room I've made in my FC's new mansion. It's still a work in progress but I like it so far.


Seems like a recent interview with one of the SMT V devs mentioned that they are aiming to please 3 generations of SMT fans (I and II/ III/ IV and IV final) and some other interesting stuff. I'll post link in the comments.


So the voice actor for Colonel Campbell from the Metal Gear Solid series read the Mueller Indictment, pretty awesome if you ask me.


While I still haven't played all of them yet I doubt I'll dislike any of these games.


Happy Valentine's Day everyone! On a related note Cold Steel 2 comes out for pc today so if you rather spend your day with a waifu (Laura) you can!


Manage to survive Housing Savage in FFXIV after the new plots when up. Upgraded my FC's medium to a mansion so I glad with the outcome. Now comes the hard part on how to decorate it.


I would like to report that after being on hold at Gamestop for about 40 minutes I was able to order one through the phone! I would like to give a shout-out to Gary, the customer representative, for helping me filling the order for me. Thanks man!


When you have been keeping an eye on the MH PS4 Pro gamestop page for the last 6 days only to take off you eyes for 2 hours to do something and it gone. I'm still not giving up, but dammit that I miss it when I decide to take a small break.


I ended up getting some extra cash from my job and I realized I can get the Monster Hunter ps4 pro, but just as I was about to buy it sold out :(. Now I'm going to have to be like a hawk and keep my eye out for a restock.


To those of you on the fence.


While Labo isn't for me, I wonder where it will go.


So a new house of the dead was announced for arcades in Japan. Funny enough, I was thinking about when SEGA was gonna make a new installment a few days again so kinda glad I didn't have to wait long. Link for the official website in comments.


Ds1 looking good on switch!


Dont know how I feel about this but NIS America and Falcom are working on more projects together. If anything I prefer if XSEED localized sen 3 cause they did a great job with the previous games. Anyways link in comments.


Well seems like Nintendo of Russia confirmed that a direct is coming up. Now to let the hype and excitement take over us and shoot our expectations all the way up into space.


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