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So the voice actor for Colonel Campbell from the Metal Gear Solid series read the Mueller Indictment, pretty awesome if you ask me.


While I still haven't played all of them yet I doubt I'll dislike any of these games.


Happy Valentine's Day everyone! On a related note Cold Steel 2 comes out for pc today so if you rather spend your day with a waifu (Laura) you can!


Manage to survive Housing Savage in FFXIV after the new plots when up. Upgraded my FC's medium to a mansion so I glad with the outcome. Now comes the hard part on how to decorate it.


I would like to report that after being on hold at Gamestop for about 40 minutes I was able to order one through the phone! I would like to give a shout-out to Gary, the customer representative, for helping me filling the order for me. Thanks man!


When you have been keeping an eye on the MH PS4 Pro gamestop page for the last 6 days only to take off you eyes for 2 hours to do something and it gone. I'm still not giving up, but dammit that I miss it when I decide to take a small break.


I ended up getting some extra cash from my job and I realized I can get the Monster Hunter ps4 pro, but just as I was about to buy it sold out :(. Now I'm going to have to be like a hawk and keep my eye out for a restock.


To those of you on the fence.


While Labo isn't for me, I wonder where it will go.


So a new house of the dead was announced for arcades in Japan. Funny enough, I was thinking about when SEGA was gonna make a new installment a few days again so kinda glad I didn't have to wait long. Link for the official website in comments.


Ds1 looking good on switch!


Dont know how I feel about this but NIS America and Falcom are working on more projects together. If anything I prefer if XSEED localized sen 3 cause they did a great job with the previous games. Anyways link in comments.


Well seems like Nintendo of Russia confirmed that a direct is coming up. Now to let the hype and excitement take over us and shoot our expectations all the way up into space.


Well mercy got more nerfs on ptr and if all of them go live RIP mercy mains. Im glad I've moved away from mercy more and more so it doesn't affect me as much.


Since it's still not new year's over here, I'm going to give my top 5 for the year. 1.BOTW 2. Mario Odyessy 3. Metroid Samus Returns. 4. FFXIV Stormblood.5. Wolfenstien 2


Since it's still not new year's over here, I'm going to give my top 5 for the year. 1.BOTW 2. Mario Odyessy 3. Metroid Samus Returns. 4. FFXIV Stormblood.5. Wolfenstien 2


Merry Christmas y'all. Hope you are enjoying the holidays as much as I am!


Steam Winter sales are up and NieR:Automata isn't on sale. No fair, I wanna experience robot butts and a good game like everyone else.


Count down for Sen 4 ended and I wouldn't recommend anyone who does not want to get spoiled to visit it. On another note so excited for it!!!!!


While everyone is watching Star Wars, I went to go see the Disaster Artist and I have to say it is a great movie. Definitely a good time.


Just when I wanted to buy this for $148, the price increased by $40. Now I'm not too sure I want to take the plunge now :/


Well Capcom announced it would be adding free monsters to MH World. Glad I won't have to pay for dlc just to fight a single monster.


Wasn't feeling the MH Beta until the last mission. While I am a bit skeptical about the whole appealing to western audiences, I am more than willing to give the game a shot. Here's hoping they bring some of my favorite monsters into the game.


Seems like the ports of Bayonetta 1 and 2 are going to have some new features which include: amiibo support, video capture support, and local co-op through the previous only-online coop mode in Bayo 2.




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