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Looking to upgrade my keyboard, maybe should buy this one to go with Battefront 2?


So should I get Wolfenstien 2 for ps4 or pc? I have new blood on Ps4 and then once I got a gaming pc I got old blood on it. Old Blood ran fine and great on my pc though I have heard about some problems with the pc port of W2.


Bit surprise that Gamestop actually has some great black friday deals. Some even better than some other places. Guess the world is ending.


Coming out February 13th! Almost 7 years after it came out originally in the U.S. Don't know how I feel about the voice acting and the new art, but I'm at least ready to enjoy the story again!


David Bowie confirmed for OW lol


Well the Unending Coil of Bahamut has been defeated! Man that was exciting to keep up, but don't think its something I ever going to clear or even try.


Finished Mario Odyssey and I have to say I loved it, especially that ending. Now for that endgame, hopefully there are still some surprises left.


Here is the Japanese trailer that showed some stuff that the U.S version didn't including an appearance by ya boy Guzma!


Just noticed after watching the new Pokemon trailer multiple times that both Archie and Max are based off their original designs and not the ORAS ones. Makes me wonder if there was a reason for that. Could just be the whole "other timelines" thing.


Been listening to this lately. Man, one of things I really like about this series has always been the music.


Finally got my Ninja to level 70. Now to just find a glamour outfit good enough to keep me satisfied. After that on to Bard!


That festival in New Donk City was great! This game has definitely been great so far.


Got the glamour I wanted for my Samurai in FFXIV. For those wondering how I got it, "Nano machines Son".


So I recently beat Persona 3 for the first time and I was wondering what your guys' waifus/husbandos are? Mitsuru is best girl btw.


So after lurking for almost ten years and having this account for over a year without doing anything with it, I have decided to join the community and hope to causally post stuff every now and then.


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