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Yesterday I played Zelda for real. Pics in comments


I am looking foward to days gone. Hope it can cure my motorcycle fever and gets a favorable review. The characters look bland but willing to give a chance.


Too funny, I hope they come out with a wedding edition.


Had this moment during the Witcher 3 where I was chasing some wizard through a dungeon. Was like yeah this is cool. Side note gwent is addicting.


Im feeling accomplished, just finished bloodbourne. My hands are shaking as I type this.


Im surprised that I have spent 80 some hours on bloodbourne. Still have two bosses to go.


I finally managed to beat the last of us. I started mid game but had a hard time getting into. Decided to play and immediately got sucked into it. I found it fun and at times engaging but do not like the linearity of naughtydog games In general.


The res 2 demo makes me long for mgs3, sh 2-4 remakes. Unfortunately Konami will probably see this and instead make more pachinkos or if we are lucky free to play mobile vers. Now fortified with micro transactions. Get the first episode now.


To many games trying to balance red dead and ni no kuni2 and now dragon quest had to show up. Could be worst things to complain about.


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