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When you think you give gold and all you get is cricket’s.


Luna sporting the ac handkerchief.


I checked my local bestbuy and they have limited ac switch back in stock. Incase anyone is looking.


Just watched The invisible man. I really enjoyed. Good suspense.


🎶 Don’t be so serious 🎶


Are there any games you refuse to part with. Here are some of mine.


There’s a good docu series about games on netflix. Its called high score.


Just finished Night Trap, its crazy to think how much controversy it got when it came out. Liked the 90’s campiness.


I wish Nintendo had the snes Tmnt games in there eshop. Feeling nostalgic


I wish Nintendo had the snes Tmnt games in there eshop. Feeling nostalgic


Took the pup for a walk, got the new fridge installed, and went on a 16 mile bike ride. Games and movie are my plans for rest of the day.


I hung out with my ex this morning. It was like, opening a bandaid. I think I gave her a good reminder what she is missing. I wish I made a move. Though she mentioned she wants to hang out again. So thats good, but Im also not sure.


Took my first step in learning to fly.


Finally finished tlous2. Just in time for Ghost of thushima. The last third was a slog


You ever try to use different game mechanics when jumping back and forth between games?I have been playing tlous2 and luigis mansion 3. I keep wanting to vacuum couches in the thlous2.


Can’t believe how much fun I am having with ac. Just caught a hammer head. Looks boss in my museum


Time to check the merch.


About to dive into AC Horizons for the first time. Any tips?


Amazon has xenoblade chronicles definitive edition for 49.94


Sorry if I double posted


Still on the hunt for animal crossing switch in USA. I have found units at argos in UK. Im not sure if legit since Im not familiar with that store.


Wishing I jumped on the ac switch preorder. Think it looks sweet. Bleh


Blasphemous is good.


Blasphemous is good.


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