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It was nice seeing your faces during selfietoid. Hope you all have something nice planned for the weekend.


Need to play some sonic after watching the movie. What are some recent sonic games you liked?


You all made me do it. Double dipping


I stand corrected, the apollo hot sauce is insanely hot. Heat really comes out when heated


These came in today. Its from the youtube show, Hot ones. They all have great flavor.


I am loving all these side stories in Skyrim. I can see the appeal


While I was walking last night I saw floating orbs.


Im planning on cooking buffalo wings for my stepdad for the superbowl. What are your favorite sauces? Besides love sauce.


Feeling sick to my stomach.


Seems appropriate for this time.


Nintendo switch review, 381 hours. Also I believe this marks my 69th post. Time to celebrate


Morning jam


Can anybody tell me where The Occams Files are?


Not a bad way to start the day


Playing xenoblade chronicles for the first time. This is the second xeno game I have played, first being X. Both of these games remind me of reading a huge book, the kind that starts slow but once you’re in you are hooked. Loving the music


Damn you 007


Plant based Picadillo


When you think you give gold and all you get is cricket’s.


Luna sporting the ac handkerchief.


I checked my local bestbuy and they have limited ac switch back in stock. Incase anyone is looking.


Just watched The invisible man. I really enjoyed. Good suspense.


🎶 Don’t be so serious 🎶


Are there any games you refuse to part with. Here are some of mine.


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