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Here take this. Don’t go on a empty stomach.


I did not arrange the pillows. Happy Monday


New trailer to the Mario movie.


New Bond was great. Think I may tie it as my favorite next to Royale, maybe 2nd. Will most definitely cement Craig as best Bond.


Hi, I’d like to purchase fusion and zero remastered in the art style of dread. Thank you.


Metroid dread es chingón


Parents right now. They asked for bread ,right?


I am the game genie, besides world peace and a different final smash character what would you wish for? You have one wish.


If you are looking for a suspenseful, slow burn, scary movie I recommend Exorcist 3 Its on Netflix.


Next week is going to be grand. Dread, Bond,Halloween.


Happy Friday! Here’s a classic Oktober Fest song by NWA to kick off the month.


The ads are not allowing me to access the site’s features. Only until I click out the ad. Is this happening to anyone else. On a side note the ads are uncovering my dark past


Made some bomb fried rice from left over bok choy, shitake stir fry. There is also ginger, crushed ancho chile, green onion and a carrot.


Was listening to a YouTube podcast and had a spoiler revealed relating to dread. Careful where you tread.


Finished Axiom Verge 2, overall it was fun, felt missed opportunity with the intro. Thought it was going to be more like the thing with the snow, mountains and helicopter. Id get it during a sale.


The lego Batman movie was an unexpected surprise. Funny, and surprisingly deep. Recommend


That kirby game looks like the right kind of jam for the right time.


Upcoming direct


This came from ectoplasmosis, dtoids sister site from back in the day. Its old but still relevant some of the suspects have changed so watch out!


I love this movie


Thank god for qpost its nirvana compared to the front page. Its a shame because it looks like there is a ton of output from everyone. 🎤🎶tell all the ads to let my dtoid goooo🎶


Immediately thought of Pat.


Hope you all are having a bitching Saturday. Cherish the day


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