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Anyone have experience buying games from Redbox? $12 for DMC5 is looking nice but I wanna know what I'm getting into


After languishing in a South Jersey Walmart for more than 6 years, I have rescued and am now the proud owner of this solitary copy of Oboromuramasa!


Ice Climbers is the Gucci Mane of video games


Finna see Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel II tonight


Happy birthday Wes. Eat tacos, find some bunny girls, and rock those shades my man.


Merry Christmas Dtoid! May this be a peaceful day for you all!


I've been thinking lately that a lot of gamers get hysterically/hyperbolically angry about things they don't like because they're young, like in their teens. Do you agree/disagree?


Here's my baller list, and some bonus Padoru. Also, peep the comments for a special, leaked character that I'll be using for sure once they get released as DLC


It's finally December and I got a Switch for Black Friday!


Thursday's almost over here on the East Side but still wanna say Happy Thanksgiving to all the Dtoiders out west!


I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I'm honestly getting kind of bored here. I'm going to try to engage more but I've been too busy lately.


Right now I'm on the West Coast so I wanna wish all you a Happy Halloween!


Today in the early hours of the morning my grandfather died. He was 91. Even though I miss him, I don't feel utterly broken. He was a pastor and I believe he is in paradise today. Te am├│ abuelito.


I am no longer dead, but not truly alive either.


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