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Before the day is done here in NJ, I wanna wish all Dtoiders a happy Chinese New Year! May you have an auspicious Year of the Dog, my dudes


Happy Valentine's Day Dtoid. Today I pledge allegiance to my true love: My Country.


My stand『OCTAVARIUM』has no weakness!


Found this handsome devil wandering around Mother Base yesterday:


I'm really excited for this remake, the original was a classic. Really hope it comes out before 2019.


Solid Eagles to the Patriots:




Tonight is MGSV night, so you get an MGSV shitpost.


#ShoutouToid to Master Larx, always on that grind making our CBlog Recaps and treating us to the hottest Vocaloid tracks 🔥🔥🔥.


Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack (1988)


Wes once went up to me in a bathroom, offered me some coke, and went on a tirade about how the damn mackerel snappers should be deported back to Italy. Weird guy.


My man Phoenix Wright and I communicate on the same wavelength.


Humanity alone possesses a God. The power to transcend the now… the inner God called “Possibility."


The other day I was searching Google images a for a particularly spicy meme when I found this cropped post linked to a Know Your Meme page. Makes me feel all nostalgic seeing your old avatar, Coffin!


I think President Obama's enjoying civilian life a little too much:


NieR: Automato. I have nothing else to add, it's just NieR: Automato.


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"King Kaiser looks like he(?)'s boutta drop the hottest mixtape of 20XX."
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King Kaiser, the OG Magical Girl of the East Side, is here on the best gaming community on the internet. You're probably wondering, "who the hell is King Kaiser, and why do I wanna be him so bad?" I'll tell you why:


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King Kaiser is undoubtedly a weeb of culture and taste. He watches stuff from all genres, but his favorites include such venerable series as Gundam, Love Live, and Cowboy Bebop, a Shinichirō Watanabe joint. Destructoid may not be about anime, but he posts about it anyway, because he knows it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.


King Kaiser is a man of of diverse interests, including music from every genre, sports from around the world, dope outfits, and sick memes. He currently studies history, and will one day teach the world about it using pop culture references.

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