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"There is only one proof of spirit and that is the spirit’s proof within oneself. Whoever demands something else may get proofs in superabundance, but he is already characterized at spiritless." #CatgirlFriday


Dynasty Warriors 9 coming out February 13 bois! Here's a Peking Opera inspired Zhao Yun, although this costume's a pre-order exclusive. Link in comments


A little Japanese language lesson for Dtoid


Happy birthday Spiders For Sale! Next time I'm in the market for a sports car I'll be sure to come to you.


My last post was about as well-liked as roadkill; here's a better one to make up for it:


"Snake, don't forget to post this every day until they like it."


"When a person considers himself esthetically his soul is like soil out of which grow all sorts of herbs, all with equal claim to flourish; his self consists of this multiplicity, and he has no self that is higher than this." #CatgirlFriday


Mfw people don't like my fantastic maymays:


Happy Birthday Flanx! Be careful when building Gunpla that you don't cut more than you should!


Happy birthday DeadMoon! Here's my gift to you... A sick meemee!


Happy Birthday Scruff and Chris! Here's my present to you... two animes dabbing!


The Cobras look a lot different than I remember.


"This then is the formula which describes the state of the self when despair is completely eradicated: in relating to itself and in wanting to be itself, the self is grounded transparently in the power that established it." #CatGirlFriday


Feliz aniversário Sr. Churros! Mmmmm, churros...


Things have changed, Boss. We pull in money, recruits, just to combat Torchman. Rubbing our noses in bloody battlefield dirt, all for revenge. The world calls for wetwork, and we answer. No greater good, no just cause.


The Astros only won cuz I wasn't watching cuz I'm working on a project- *runs back into to room to work on project*


It's November 1st Dtoiders. Remember to stay 🅱ool. Also, this is my new avi. Don't worry, Sayaka Will be back soon.


Happy Halloween to all the Dtoiders out there! Don't eat all the kids' candy ya mamalukes!


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