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Sneakin' in your #Tsunday 2 hours before midnight here on the East Side


Happy birthday 🅱️estructoid, here's to another 12 years of mayhem!


Liberal SNOWFLAKES get owned!


The new ArcSys game is looking great!


So earlier posted a pic that was the same as Reaper's, so I took it down. I got a good replacement though, another Rumiko Takahashi classic #CatGirlFriday


Happy birthday Lord Limo! Try not to blow up any planets!


Happy birthday Occams! I hope you have as much fun on your birthday as Spider-Man did when he firebombed that Jewish community center.


"Anyone who refuses to struggle with actualities acquires phantoms to struggle against." #CatGirlFriday


Before the day is done here in NJ, I wanna wish all Dtoiders a happy Chinese New Year! May you have an auspicious Year of the Dog, my dudes


Happy Valentine's Day Dtoid. Today I pledge allegiance to my true love: My Country.


My stand『OCTAVARIUM』has no weakness!


Found this handsome devil wandering around Mother Base yesterday:


I'm really excited for this remake, the original was a classic. Really hope it comes out before 2019.


Solid Eagles to the Patriots:




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