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Happy Friday the 13th everyone.


To keep things spooky here.


Sorry I was late guys I was DEAD tired.


Oddworld: Abe Oddysee is free on GOG which I heavily recommend.


Let's see what the big deal of Persona 5.


As a villain I'm proud of my favourite two words.


I now accept the title Crash Bandicoot god. I now accept tributes of virgin sacrifices and custard cream biscuits.


Are you ready for some PRO PAIN!?


1 down 2 more to go. While on topic fuck the high road time trial.


Feeling the cool breeze on a hot day.


If Suikoden 6 get announced I'll promise I won't commit any war crimes for the remainder of the year.


Yakuza 0 is a damn good game. I just like to point that out.


Finished Nioh now to play Horizon.


Someone out there really likes Pepsi.


Finally finished Witcher 3 + DLC. It took a few months but I did it.


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