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Just a heads up that Grim Fandango is free on GOG. A wonderful game that I heavily recommend.


My Monster Hunter World beta thoughts: It sooooo gooooood.


I have a GOG code for Tales from the Borderlands if anyone wants it?


Happy Birthday Churro I'm ashamed to say I never eaten one but I'll still would eat you up.


Halloween is over. I must go now my grave needs me. See ya next year.


1 more hour til Halloween ends I better make the most of it.


Move over world it is now skeleton time.


When you see only one skeleton pic in the quick posts for Halloween and it's nearly over.


Reaching a new speed on zone in Wipeout.


MK4 endings are special and need to be cherished.


Happy Friday the 13th everyone.


To keep things spooky here.


Sorry I was late guys I was DEAD tired.


Oddworld: Abe Oddysee is free on GOG which I heavily recommend.


Let's see what the big deal of Persona 5.


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