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Oddworld: Abe Oddysee is free on GOG which I heavily recommend.


Let's see what the big deal of Persona 5.


As a villain I'm proud of my favourite two words.


I now accept the title Crash Bandicoot god. I now accept tributes of virgin sacrifices and custard cream biscuits.


Are you ready for some PRO PAIN!?


1 down 2 more to go. While on topic fuck the high road time trial.


Feeling the cool breeze on a hot day.


If Suikoden 6 get announced I'll promise I won't commit any war crimes for the remainder of the year.


Yakuza 0 is a damn good game. I just like to point that out.


Finished Nioh now to play Horizon.


Someone out there really likes Pepsi.


Finally finished Witcher 3 + DLC. It took a few months but I did it.


Oh cool Bloodborne is coming on PC.


The man in charge of Dark Souls twitter is savage.


Finished the Ringed City. What wonderful experience the franchise has been.


Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. I had work to do, funeral to go to, travel somewhere for my brother's exam for a night and playing Witcher 3 + DLC for my spare time all while sick by vomiting and pooping. Anyways I'm back from the dead.


It's my birthday today. Tonight I will celebrate by burning down 21 villages.


Can we pull the brakes on 2017 right now? All these great games and the Switch coming out and I'm here struggling to finish Witcher 3 + DLC.


Saw John Wick 2. I give it two thumbs up and an erection.


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