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Watermelon is the best fucking thing in the world because you can eat and drink it at the same time.


I watched Avengers 4 and I'll talk about a spoiler and thoughts in the comments.


I'm drunk as fuck but have a lovely Christmas. If you don't care for Christmas have a lovely day. Fucking hell I can't handle drink but un sorry if if im not herrw often i very busy resentlu oh hell.m


Now that Halloween is over look forward to a


BREAKING NEWS: Resident Evil 4 is still a damn good game.


I want the Narrator from Darkest Dungeon to tuck me into bed and read me bedtime stories.


For this month horror game I'll be playing Darkest Dungeon on the PS Vita. A spooky game on a dead system so that's like ultra spooky.


It's that month again guys.


The word Popemobile always gets a laugh out of me.


E3 was good. Mircosoft had a great showcase of games I'm excited to play on PS4. Sony mostly showed games they already announced except Medievil :(. Nintendo showed Smash Bros and practically said give us your money. But no Suikoden VI so E3 gets a 0/10.


Instead of watching EA's E3 conference I watched a hour of a man talking about a single Garfield comic strip because I have no control of my life. I still think it was time better spent.


Okay I guess God of War is pretty good.


All these battle royales coming out and competing with each other is kinda like a battle royale. A battle royale of battle royales.


I can't wait for Suikoden Survive.


I stared at the abyss and it stared back. It's officially a staring contest.


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