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Here’s my rendition of those taxi cabs in Earthbound


PSA There are some cool lookin' Nintendo gameboy posters on the UK MyNintendo store for 600 coins


Surprisingly, the Steam Deck is on sale! 10% off works out quite a bit. Considering I’ve been saving up to buy one for a while, it looks like I’ll probably get one before the sale ends. Just need to sell a couple videogame odds & ends to afford it


Cute Ys cameo in the Trails from Zero casino slot machines :D


Trying to fill in an online application form and it won't except even a minute of down time in my life haha


Heres a random book I got ages ago from a tiny games convention in Bristol: Strange Journey strategy guide publish by Famitsu. It’s only a guide for the first 3 dungeons so it’s actually quite slim - also it’s all in Japanese.


I’ve been slowing down collecting games recently as I’m saving up to buy a steam deck. But I still love collecting 2nd and 1st hand books (very much cheaper than vgs). I love shopping for cheap books :)


I’m looking forward to some Ys levels of action/comfy cheese :D


Heavy week so far- had a visit from our Academy boss and a moderation meeting on Tuesday, then a 3 hour interview for a new job yesterday - phew! Two more days to go and I can start chapter 4 of Trails from Zero :D *random chilled dungeon music*


The presenter’s voice is very monotonous but it’s at least a decent video about EO - which are few and far between on YouTube! He’s got some very fair criticisms of the games too, which is good. He calls EO1 basically shit, which makes me sad :(


This is me trying to play Sekiro


I think I’m nearing the endish of chapter 3 in Trails from Zero and well, I preordered the sequel. So far TfZ is still very understated, but I’m loving that at the moment. Feel like I could just keep playing it forever…


‘Nother drawing - this one a self portrait of myself arduously cataloging my games when I’ve got a tonne of actual paid work to be doing.


Anyone here got much experience running older pc games on steam deck? Say, Ultima Underworld via GOG or Thief or some of the old D&D RPGs using the Deck controller. Trying to gauge exactly what you can access while lying in bed lol


Here's another doodle - this time of a stalfos from Link's Awakening


Doodled a lil lizard friend :D


I am intrigued by this Nipon Ichi announcement. Never really played any of their games (though Labyrinth of Refrain is waiting in the wings) but this one sounds like it might be interesting 🤔


Continuing the Falcom party! Really looking forward to playing Tokyo Xanadu


Hope you’re all well! I had a weird, quite demoralising week filled with annoying housing news, but it’s been nice to come and chill in the qtoid comments :)


I’m excited to play Ghost Trick again (even though I replayed it in 2020), and the new remastered art looks great! This game has such a fantastic story and set of characters! Massively recommend it to those that haven’t played it yet :D


Oof the price of the Etrian Odyssey collection! Goodness Altus. Anyway, I hope this is testing the ground for VI - and that these remasters don’t eff it up. And that there’s a physical release! -which doesn’t seem the case sadly.


Playing this weird Dungeon Crawler called Aeon of Sands. Kind of a mash up between Eye of the Beholder and Wasteland (with choose your own adventure sections). A bit maze-y currently but it has a great aesthetic!


Sadly my £2.75 copy of Sushi Strikers might be destined for the local chairty shop.. The presentation is so utterly obnoxious haha AND the actual 'puzzle' side of the game doesn't require much thought - more reaction based. I hate it lol.


After 6 or so hours, I think I’m done with Gurumin 3D. It’s a charming game but also, sadly, a bit boring. The levels are not that exciting and you’re forced to go back and forth between them and the main hub. It’s all clearly stretched a bit thin


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