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Anyone playing anything spooky for October?


Finished Lunar Legend this weekend. It's a solid 5/10 game. Fun characters and story, but lacks challenge and there's 0 exploration. It's also blighted a woeful translation and the sound quality is pretty bad too. Quite chilled though :)


On the final stretch of Lunar Legend... time for some dramatic anime combat!


So I've mentioned already in a comment that I was playing Lunar Legend and I wasn't very kind about it :( I can't completely take it back, as it's extremely tropey and has very simple combat, BUT I guess that's just what I need right now :)


Name that game! This is pretty obscure so the winner gets a million gamer points.


Name that game!


Just hit a proper road block in Persona 5 R. Need to do some proper SMT strategising! Seems strange though seeing as most of the game so far has been quite mellow in terms of difficulty.


Silent Hill 2 is now my 'I've finished work for the day' game. The music is too scary to play it in the evening.


My wife is showing an interest in videogames now that she's off work due to Coronavirus. She was happily watching me play P5 Royal today which is probably a 1st. Was thinking of getting a coop game for us - Until Dawn? Any suggestions welcome :)


On about the 40hr mark for Strange Journey Redux and I've been side-questing for quite a while after defeating the level 5 boss. Honestly, I think this game is amazing! I love all the weird side quests you find in the dungeons. Onto level 6


Got to the end of level 5 in Strange Journey Redux... holy shit what a fucking dungeon...time for a break I think.


Onto the fifth dungeon in Strange Journey! Love the atmosphere and music here, though the phase shift and trap floors are starting to ware a bit.


My school's now closed doors except for a few kids coming in whose parents are key workers. I'm in work 1 day a week and working at home the rest of the time. Got a massive backlist to play, but it feels more bitter than sweet right now :(


I'm really into the strong narrative element of Strange Journey. I was definitely expecting a soft story like Etrian Odyssey (with little side quests along the way), but Strange Journey feels like a story driven game!


My wife is obsessed with Discworld books at the moment. I just read Sourcery and it is great. I've always loved Josh Kirby's art as well


A couple of Atlus RPGs are on sale on the UK 3DS Eshop - I just got Etrian Odyssey V and 7th Dragon III for about £12 altogether ;)


Finished Legend of Grimrock! Next game is up. Got a choice between... 1) Mario Land 2; 2) SMT: Strange Journey Redux; 3) Anachronox; 4) Morrowind; or 5) Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask??? Which do you think?


I'm very close to spending £80 on a nintendo DS game... but struggling to properly justify it to myself


RPGFan.com's top RPGs of the 2010s is a bit strange and I definitely includes non-RPG games, but it's great to look at the variety over the past 10 years. Here's the link http://www.rpgfan.com/features/Top-25-Games-of-the-2010s/index.html


Weirdly, my EU 3DS now plays my US copies of DS games Radiant Historia and The Last Spectre, which it never use to - has there been an update which has taken region locking off the 3DS? If so Ima guna import me some games uhuh


I started Ori and the Blind Forest today even though I'm meant to be playing something else. I love how you need to create your own save points. I'm interested how long I'll play it for as I'm not really a fan of Metroidvania games...


Quick survey: 1. What's your favorite portable games system? 2. What's your favorite portable game?


A much more appropriate price


Snowpiercer just made my brain explode with how good/insane it was.


Got Resident Evil 2 remake for cheap off Amazon the other day. Played 5hrs today - thats a lot for me! - and nearly finished Leon's run through. Makes me pine for a full blown Silent Hill remake with this level of attention.


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