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½ Review: Bloodborne (PS4)

The streets are empty, the doors are all locked. But something is at large. Something is running through the alleyways, rummaging through the bins, clawing at the brick work. Close the curtains, check the doors are barred and pray, pra...


½ Review: Hotel Dusk (Nintendo DS)

  Hotel Dusk is simultaneously an effective page-turner-mystery and quite a boring video game; it’s part interactive fiction and part point and click adventure. But a point and click adventure in which you’re looking f...


½ Review: Silent Hill (PS1)

Silent Hill seemed extremely mysterious when I first saw it in a shop catalogue. Resident Evil was zombies, Dino Crisis was dinosaurs (dino-horror… has that already been coined?), but what was Silent Hill? Misty streets and amb...


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