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I don't give a shit about the franchise, but the Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog was awesome. Sega really is the biggest chain around this series' neck. When the correct people work on it, the characters just shine. Can this carry over into a real game?


We don't get schlock of Gungrave G.O.R.E's quality very often. It's mechanically competent, if boring, but the story is such a poorly animated mess. Things just happen and the whole thing boggles the mind. Go play it and enjoy the Koreajank?


Now that I've beaten it, I understand why Shadow of the TR was such an expensive failure. It's filled with awesome and distinct puzzle platforming levels (the best of which were DLC) tied together by a plot that just isn't done. Had my $12 fun though!




Much like with Zero, my hard mode "speedrun" of Azure was a treat. This is my favourite Trails game and not just for the story. There is a lot of fun minmaxing you can do which felt very rewarding. The final boss punished my hubris though.


RE4make was a grand old time. Every single boss is more engaging (especially the one channeling DMC3 Vergil) and it becomes less of a brainded shooting gallery by the end. I still need to gestate one which version is better, but I have room for both.


You think you're free from the PS3 for the second time and then it just pulls you back in.


I finished the village part of RE4make and I'm sold on it not as a replacement, but as a pseudo-sequel. I can see a lot of RE8 DNA here given some more room to breathe. They even smoothed over some jank in the boss fights, which is appreciated.


Disco Elysium Log #9: Threads come and threads go. Feels like I'm encroaching on the end as the game is seemingly running out of game. Assuming the wall on the boardwalk speaks its secrets, the plot could take its place on the forefront again.


That's another Yahtzee book down. After the first one being so cynical, this one felt equally cynical, but fully committed to being space pulp as well. It's very solid well to draw comedy from and this book does so well.


Aidios smiles upon me.


The second wave of spring pickups. Now you damn weebs have no excuse not to jump on the Trails series, Azure is finally here! And I got curious on the prequel to Giant Enemy Crab Simulator after the Gamingbrit video, so I picked it up for cheap.


Disco Elysium Log #8: Taking the step into the other side of the river feels like walking into Anor Londo. Paradoxical opulence around every corner and it gives you the ability to warp. I found the edge of the world and the its pansiest fascist.


As has become a personal tradition, here is the first wave of my spring purchases. Been noticing a few games getting very small print runs over here, so I have to be vigilant. I played a bit of Gungrave and that was some very schlocky fun.


The Chainsaw Demo gave me the shakes again, so I booted up original RE4 to play with the crit pistol on hard mode. Still as great as ever, even learned that dogs are weak to flame grenades and I found some extra content for the HD mod.


I have decided to become the Tomb Raider (for realsies this time) and my first order of business is to investigate this wreck at 144 FPS and see if I can uncover why it is one of the most expensive games ever made that nobody played.


I only gave the RE4 demo one playthrough for the time being, but I enjoyed my time. Aiming and melée has been reworked, so I need to get used to that. What I appreciate is some 25% of it feeling new while the rest is exactly as I know it.


That's a wrap on Mask of Truth! It's a bit long in the tooth, but as the finalé it was just beaming with payoff. DustTree was right about that final boss being amazing. Now excuse me while I go play something where I can shoot a gun and ignore the story.


For reasons I don't really comprehend, I got Dead Space Mobile working with only minor graphical glitches. It's really neat, but the asset recycling and touch controls bring it down. They should remake it as an unlockable in a Dead Space 2 remake.


I did the impossible. I convinced my friend to stream me his entire 710-hour journey catching up on Trails. It took us 2 and a half years at 6-9 hours a week to get to Cold Steel 4 and beat it, but we did it. He said it was worth it.


The Persona 3/4/5 Dancing bundle hit a good price, so I didn't feel bad about rebuying P3D to get the other two, but finally looking at the DLC list has me tilted. THEY CUT OUT NEVER MORE FROM P4D IN ORDER TO MAKE A SINGLE SOLITARY BUCK.


The time has come. It may not be a quarter ton of spaghetti, but it is my first new PC in 7.5 years. I'm excited to see what I can do with some 5 times more power. Specs in the comments!


Disco Elysium Log #7: You think you got the case all figured out when suddenly the game expands the scope AND YOU FIND A DISCO MONEY MAN IN A BOX! This investigation is so organic I wish to have it peddled in the fresh produce section.


The Wo Long demo was some good shit, excuse plot notwisthstanding. They seem to have fixed the controls and toned down the difficulty, so I was a happy camper bonking stuff with my hammer and parrying the world. It's come too soon though, Nioh 2 calls me.


I'm only a quarter or so into the third Utawarerumono game, but it's been firing on all cylinders. All this setup makes for some really tasty drama that's finally unfolding in a grand way. Having an epic like this tied to a central romance is so good!


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