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Today is the day I'm being let go from work after a year because my contract is up and I failed to compensate for bad planning. But those fools left me with a more powerful CV, a reference and enough money to ride out the year. I'll get that good job yet.


The first Witcher has been defeated. I'v never had that proper western fantasy RPG experience, so this game being a hodgepodge of the genre was a good introduction. I'll probably continue the series, but for now, my backlog is clear of all eurojank!


I've been getting to more and more episodes of Samurai Jack I missed and it continues to impress. Episode 9 of season 3 in particular, since it's like a Fatal Frame homage, down to the monochrome ghost flashbacks. Ending it like that kicked ass.


Crystar is the most Vita-ass game imaginable, despite not being on the platform. They spent all their money on character art and VAs, leaving the game part of it padded to shit. Needed to cut like 60% of the levels to match the godawful enemy variety.


The Klonoa collection was a sane Platinum, as expected, even if 2 was harder than I remember. They really gave me just a few more extra lives than I needed. But it was so fun to revisit these games and finally play the bonus levels! What now, Bamco?


I hit the Mountains of Mira-Mira level in Klonoa 2. Current status:


The Witcher really opened up in chapter 2. I love the way quests sorta blend together making it unclear what is and isn't important. Really sells the adventuring aspect. But holy shit is the main quest a eurojank nightmare of interlocking event flags.


I completed the main portion of P5R in 115 hours, about matching my run of vanilla. I guess all my fast-forwarding compensated for the new scenes. Again, I feel like this is the best modern Persona and yet my least favourite. Onto the rest of Royal!


I'm at the point in Persona 5 Royal where it feels like Atlus gave up on challenge. I remember using this exact Persona in vanilla to just crush the remainder of the game. I wonder if the Royal epilogue will balance things better.


Since dad gave me HBO access, I've been watching Samurai Jack for the first time in like 20 years. Only a season in, it's incredible how well it holds up and how much I remember. The premise is like a cheat for making memorable episodes.


As always, waiting for games to escape EGS is the smart thing to do. Not that I did, since I got the PS5 version, but this stuff looks really rad! I still find it silly that so few games can manage NG+ on launch, but if all this is free I'll keep quiet.


Tempered by the Stalker trilogy, I have begun a playthrough of The Witcher. I guess the Joseph Anderson video prepped me, as I find it quite playable. Not to say one of my stat point potions didn't glitch into the aether, but it's pretty fun in general.


It took me 3.5 playthroughs, 38 hours and 155 levels, but now the DeS Platinum is mine. It's my first From Soft Plat too. Even with the new rings, it wasn't that bad. Doing NG+ as a jack-of-all trades was interesting too. Every tool had its place.


It took a lot of adventuring, but now the Penetrator armor is mine. What a crazy secret to add, even by From Software standards. A shame that armor in Demon's Souls sucks, but hey, it's the thought that counts. It was such an obvious omission.


You know, From Software has really made strides when it comes to making engaging demi-god fights this year. Poor ol' Doran here dropped his combat script and never found it again. Not even when he mysteriously caught the plague for some odd reason.


I have successfully completed my community service and all I got was this lousy hat. Thrusting sword spam remains an evervile strategy.


I beat Crash 4 with 39% completion and I'm not looking back. The controls and new mechanics were delightful, but I completely gave up on boxes after a while. The levels are just too damn long and I barely poked at the extra/inverted levels.


I think I got what I could out of the Tony Hawk remake as someone who never touched the series for more than 20 minutes growing up. Beyond the killer vibe, I really enjoyed the stat growth being in tune with my own skill as I learned to suck less shit.


Had a much better experience with the Dark Souls card game today. I ran a mage so we could handle those damn Old Knights and their 3 fucking defence, but we also came up with a house rule to draft treasure cards so that build choices are more viable.


The Demon's Souls remake was a delightful little thing after Elden Ring. I have my misgivings about the new recordings and songs, but the gameplay audio kicks ass and the minor QoL updates were very nice. Curious about their original project now.


Was a stuffed birthday. Got a couple of games (Touhou SC & Valfaris) an N. Oxide Funko and a sofa table, started on the DeS remake, watched Lightyear & Samurai Jack, made pancakes and was crushed by the Dark Souls 2 expansion for the card game. Good times


Playing Crash 4 and the Tony Hawk remake is so bittersweet. They're delightful, but knowing what Activision did to the devs makes it hard to fully enjoy them.




After multiple years and a restart, I finished reading Metro 2034. The old criticisms apply (it's really hard to follow the plot with all the Russian names), but now it adds multiple perspectives as well, which made me lose track of things even more.


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