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Ever been so mad at Sekiro that you wanna summon a magic gatling gun and shoot the screen to pieces? I haven't gotten to that point yet, but I get the feeling that the final few bosses won't be kind to me.


Me being me, my break from Sekiro consisted of finishing DMCV on Son of Sparda. The last few missions took a while, but it made me appreciate the combat even more. The buff to Royal Guard is so much fun. I'm feeling ready for Bloody Palace tomorrow!


Pictured: My reactions to Sekiro pulling out more and more difficult encounters. I think it's time for a break.


After writing my (hopefully) last exam ever, I donated blood directly afterwards. Somehow, I am not currently dying.


For a laugh (and to empty my Paypal account) I got Cold Fear. It's like Euro Jank mixed with RE: Revelations, and might just prove entertaining. I can see how it lost the pop cultural war against Resident Evil 4 back in the day.


I've cracked the Sekiro puzzle. You need to abandon the BB strategy of dodge spamming and stunlocking and abandon the Dark Souls strategy of tanking and slashing butts. Staying aggressive and alternating constant attacks and parries is the key to win.


I'm about 10 hours into Sekiro now and my hype remains somewhat muted. I'm not dying to explore the next area, but it's still engaging. Tying progression to exploration is interesting. Same goes for getting stone-walled super hard by mini-bosses.


It's strange. I bought Sekiro without hesitation, but I'm not hyped for it. Maybe it's because I haven't looked at any trailers outside of the reveal. Or because KH3 and DMCV spent all my hype for the year. At any rate, it should be fun.


This game isn't a hidden gem, but it sure was hidden and I did find it. And what I found was incredibly bizarre. It's amazing this game exists at all. I wish I had time to review it.


Well, that's 4 platformer series collections complete! We really don't get enough of them these days, especially ones with a decent budget.


The end of DMCV was so great I cried. Games of this caliber don't come often, 10/10, GotY 2019, best action game of the Heisei period. Consider my expectations exceeded with a Max-Act and my dark soul filled with light, Itsuno. You awesome, crazy bastard.


I set up my new PS3 Slim today and while going through my old save files, it hit me just how odd the PSN scene was close to launch. There was just so much random stuff, most of which wasn't that good. Anyone know a game more confounding than Pain?


Ok Itsuno, DMCV has exceeded my expectations, as was foretold. Dante's moveset and all the fanservice really won me over that extra mile. And I still have a bit to go...


The frustration was getting unreal, but now the time has come and so have I.


I finally got a hold of Klonoa 2 and I want to blame this awesome jingle for it. I played the demo a bunch and this short piece of music really stuck with me:


In lieu of DMCV, I played through Media Vision's run nĀ“gun game Rapid Reload. It's like a mix of Megaman X and Wild Arms. I like it, but the difficulty is all over the place, especially with the unforgiving checkpoints in certain places.


Since I didn't want to adventure out to the "local" Gamestop and deal with their ridiculous prices, I ordered a copy online. It didn't arrive today. I'm not as destroyed as I thought I'd be, but still.


Siren collection complete! Now I just have to get a hold of Evil Within 2 and some Fatal Frame games and my horror collection will be pretty respectable.


That's Legaia 2 done. While the mechanics are nicer and the balancing is better, the plot is really undercooked. The last two party members could be cut entirely and you'd barely notice. Not to mention that the voice acting is atrocious.


I think this video perfectly encapsulates why Devil May Cry 5 needed to be made. Just listen to the happiness. Can't wait for the Pat & Woolie playthrough.


It's been a long and painful 10 years, but in a few days, the wait for DMC5 will be over. I gotta prepare myself.


Nothing like shaving and buying a bunch of old games after writing an exam.


Gonna be efficient today. A bunny girl for yesterday and a cat girl for tomorrow. Source down below, if Disqus is feeling cooperative.


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