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I know playing SpaceMarine is the laziest way to engage with the 40K universe, but it's really good if all you want to do is to try what it feels like to RIP FILTHY GREENSKINS LIMB FROM LIMB FOR THE GLORY OF THE EMPEROR!


I knew the Strider reboot was good, but I didn't know it was a (very linear) metroidvania. Overall, it was pretty good, but definitely lacking in the map design, music and art department. Feels a bit cheap, which is fitting given the price.


Layers of Fear really accentuates the weaknesses of walking sims. Unless there's a good hook and story, games like these just do not work. It was just piles of assets and tidal waves of every horror game trick in the book. Really lackluster game.


The Flame in the Flood was a pleasant surprise. I'm not one for survival games, but this one was pretty chill. You have checkpoints, the meters don't drain quickly and you even have a dog companion to help you out. Whole game is just cozy.


One fun thing about digging through my freebie games is that I have no idea what to expect, since I didn't vet them for purchase. That lets my play games I otherwise wouldn't touch, like Distraint. It's not that good, but it's interesting at least.


I did my duty as a weeb of the modern age and finally watched some Isekai trash. It was somewhat entertaining, but revels in how derivative it is. I couldn't help but think of a dozen ways to make it a more interesting story while watching.


Unreal Gold was pretty good, aside from how confusing the level design was. I preferred the expansion since it was shorter, more linear and had more guns. The soundtrack sounds a lot like Jazz Jackrabbit 2, so I can only assume they share composers.


Wow, what a powerhouse of the cell!


Pixeljunk Monsters is the devil's work. I've never played a tower defence game that has made me feel this stupid. But progress is being made. I'll claw my way to every perfect level clear I can!


I've been playing Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate (thanks, vxxy) and it's amazing how quickly I readjusted to it after having played the original more than a decade ago. It's so engaging to fly around and play with the different substances while shooting.


My backlog cleansing led me to Get Even, which is one hell of a game. It's a walking sim with FPS and horror elements, but it's also a British sci-fi thriller. Not everything in it gels together, but it gets points for being so damn unique.


Went back to finish The Old Blood. Just like its sister game, it's pretty fun, but good god is it hard. Had to turn down the difficulty a notch. I know I'm a sinner who plays most shooters with a controller, but I'm not sure mouse aiming would help me.


Learning To Accept Mature Games During Seventh Gen

Unlike the stereotypical prepubescent boy, I wasn't interested in chasing after mature content when I was a kid. In fact, I'd say I had a bit of an aversion to the stuff. Back then, I got the chance to be interviewed by my local newspa...


I finally managed a successful run of Ziggurat. The spellbook character combined with the homing spellbook was the key. I like how damage seems to be mostly constant, so you can't lag behind the damage curve and be miserable.


I've taken a flammenwerfer to the ass-end of my backlog and given a bunch of crap a try before banishing it to oblivion. Wasn't all bad though, Ziggurat is really neat. I didn't think there was a rogue-lite out there for me, but this seems to be it.


Since I can't stomach another JRPG yet I dug through my backlog and poked at some freeware shmups from GOG and Sonic 2. Just as I thought, I don't like the physics or the focus on speed combined with instakill traps and a zoomed in camera.


Funny how I managed to get all 3 Shadow Warrior games for free before I beat even one of them. Classic wasn't to my taste and the reboot is very mediocre. There is some good in there, but it just wasn't realized. Also, fuck those armored Pinkies.


Nothing like joining your friend for his first few hours of Yakuza 0 before he starts to grasp just how much goddamn content there is and how much of his free time it's going to eat up. Poor fella doesn't know how much cabaret club awaits.


I never thought Take Me Home, Country Roads would be a vital part of a Ghibli movie, but here we are. Couldn't help but think about Fallout and I'm not even a fan of the series. I think that means Todd Howard has won.


Only a matter of time until Sony capitalizes on horror games using the DualSense vibrations and 3D audio by selling Playstation-branded gaming diapers. It's an untapped market!


It's amazing how much more I'm enjoying Tomb Raider 2013 over the first 3 Uncharted games. The platforming is better, exploration is a thing, puzzles aren't braindead and combat sections are shorter. A shame about the characters, but I'll take it.


A Hat In Time was lovely. It's inventive, and the bosses and platforming is great. I'm a bit opposed to some of the level design, but it's all manageable. Now to try out the DLC worlds.


Remember kids, next-gen is now current-gen, PS4/XBONE is now last-gen and PS3/360 games grow ever more retro by the day. Dead Space is 12 years old, Modern Warfare is 11 and same goes for Resident Evil 5. Time comes for us all!


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