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30 hours deep into FF7 now and I have finally made a dent into disc 2 and passed my previous playtrough. The pacing has been pretty good (despite Fort Condor) and I'm enjoying myself. The game is full of a bunch of janky weird stuff though.


It hit me that the Blood Gems in Bloodborne is just the Materia system from FF7, only grindier, more obfuscated and all-around shittier. For shame, From Soft, ripping off an equipment system isn't hard.


Turns out I didn't make a mistake backing up my saves from our old PS3. Dark Souls 2 saves are system-bound. RIP to my Dex dual-wielding edgelord PVP character from 2015. May his successor on PC endure the ages. At least I got these back.


Wow, FF7 just lets you get Big Guard and White Wind this early and without much hassle. I am naturally cheating to do so because getting enemy skills the legit way is mind-numbingly tedious. Did they ever do Blue Magic in a sane, balanced and fun way?


The Reunion mod continues to do its thing. I wonder how hard it would have been to use the battle models everywhere in the PS1 version. Looks so good.


Immersive Sims Are My (Rare) Jam

As has been thoroughly documented across the ages, video game genres are a horrible mess of senseless nomenclature, conflicting ideals, traditions kept well past their best-by date and just straight-up laziness. And to make matters wor...


Ever wanted to go from 0 to 99 insight in 24 minutes and 38 seconds using Super Mario 64? Then I've got you covered. Now excuse me while I AAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGG!!!!


The process of overwriting the memories of my failed playthrough of FF7 with this new one has been interesting. The modded translation, backgrounds and character models really puts it in the best possible light while retaining the charm.


In lieu of giving Ubisoft money for a Far Cry game, I played Homefront: The Revolution instead. It was sort of neat, but its rough dev cycles shows. But beyond that, the story was so boring. Should have had aliens. And memorable characters.


It took some testing (the mods only work on Windows 10), but I finally got the PC port of FF7 into decent shape. I went with a combination of Reunion and Remako, which retranslates everything, changes the models, upscales the backgrounds and more.


I got a mail about Aviary Attorney being on sale just as my friend finished streaming Ace Attorney Investigations for the week. Must be a sign. A bird-like and befeathered sign filled with bad puns. Imma buy it.


Video games, you get an F. Please meet with me after class so we can discuss what you've done.


Finally, news on the new Sonic game.


Pharaph Rebirth, the first game I played from my summer sale haul turned out to be a winner. Its Metroidvania aspects are a bit understated, but the spritework is excellent and it's all around good platforming fun. Really good for its price.


I beat the GBA Golden Sun games just before the 20th anniversary. The games wobbled between being good and being mediocre. The puzzles are good, but the characters bleed together and the story is full of side tangents. A remake would do them well.


I know Survival Mode in Remnant: From the Ashes is supposed to be a bit mean, but did they really have make acts of god a part of it? Lightning blew out the power in my co-op partner's town mid-bossfight! Chalice Dungeons aren't this bullshit!


Thanks to my friend's streaming, I got to enjoy Trails to Azure again, this time with the Geofront translation, which was great. The game really jumped to the top of my favourites when I played it last year. Shitpost semi-related.


Always an adventure to wake up to a frontpaged blog. Thanks, Jordan. Guess I should keep churning out discussion blogs until I'm out of ideas. Already got 2 blogs frontpaged this year, maybe I can manage another.


All right, here's to 4 more years of rumormongering. Maybe the Switch 2 comes with a built-in juice mixer.


Kuze's actor is playing Yakuza 0. THAT'S RAD!


Here's my haul (plus RE2make & Crystar, which were early birthday presents). I haven't splurged on the sale for a while, but I've made such a huge dent in my backlog that it felt justifiable. Even with all these, it has still shrunk by 12 games this year.


Traveller In Playtime - Prey (2017)

Prey (2017) is an Immersive Sim developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda in 2017 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The player takes control of Morgan Yu, one of the executives of the interstellar corporation Transtar, who finds the...


The latest anime that has caught my eye inbetween all the trash is Release The Spyce. I didn't think a moe spy show about drugs would be this enjoyable, but it's consistently funny and has a good cast. Also, this OP slaps.


It's so warm (28C/82F, but hush, I'm a winter person) that I can't even entertain the thought of gaming without fear of drenching my controllers in sweat. So I've just been alternating between blogging and writing cover letters all day.


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