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Enough is enough, rats of the skies!


I've been enjoying Dad of Boy more than I thought I would, despite knowing the major plot beats. I was not ready for combat to require as much care as it does, but I'm learning. Seems to be a pretty good game though, no wonder everyone raved about it!


Going by the demo, Star Ocean 6 is a Star Ocean game all right. The models are wrong, the lipflaps don't even try, the pop-in is insane and the framerate is shit. But the combat is the best they've done yet, the new air dash helps it so much.


The latest chapters of the Elden Ring manga revealed that Patches is a motherfucking scalper.


Anyone familiar with Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner? I've played it for a little bit but don't feel like continuing. The 90s anime art and full voice acting is nice, but the story utterly failed to grab me and the monster catching feels lame.


I am so down for a King's Field-esque horror game that's actually spooky. Almost takes the sting away from the death of the fantranslation for Hungry Ghosts. I might just play that damn thing in Japanese one of these days.


I've begun my research into Soul Reaver and its troubled development, which got me to stumble upon this amazing recreation of the original final third/ending. The video has some series-wide spoilers, but the implications of this ending are so radical.


Spurred by the threat of 3 more Yakuza games, I played through Black Panther 2. They iterated on it as expected, but still didn't fix the crap random encounters. Still a good time, mind you. Didn't expect an assassin gimp with a crotch thrust attack tho'.


I wonder if there is a circle of hell designed like the Drowned Abbey in Soul Reaver. I ran in circles thrice doing bad platforming before looking up the path, which led me to even more precision-point platforming in a game with no precision!


I am officially one fifth through my Legacy of Kain retrospective! I had a lot to say about Blood Omen, so now I'm up to 27k words (including the game script). I am giving this my all, is what I'm saying. But I will type and post until it is done.


I get it. I finally get it. My mind has expanded enough to comprehend EDF.


I was wrong about Stranger of Paradise being Nioh 3, Wu Long is clearly that. This demo felt a lot better balanced than the one for Nioh 2 and I love what they did with the parry. But holy shit does the input queue for healing suck shit.


The demo for Valkyrie Elysium left me with a good impression. The combat and progression is simplistic, but it has some depth and isn't afraid to punish the player. A shame about the story and presentation, especially the awful pop-in on the white flowers


I am the Sifu now. I beat the game at 22 and got all the trophies. What a kick-ass experience with a delightful skill curve. About the only negatives I have are that some moves feel useless and that one double miniboss in the Tower. So go play it!


The Egyptian gods finally deemed me worthy of a successful run in Immortal Redneck. I like the game a fair bit after coming to grips with the first pyramid, but now at the second onr it feels like I just need to go grind for a few more runs in the first.


Sega, I know you mean well, but I was already 4 Yakuza games behind. Not to mention that I was planning a replay of 3-5 with the new translation and Y1 with the JP dub and the fanretranslation. You can't just dump 3 more on me out of the blue like that.


Guys, I think video games are back. Prepare your wallets.


Getting some experience sure changed the tune of those recruiters. I had three whole interviews today and one was even the result of ME getting asked out on one out of the blue! It's like they finally realized I'm an educated developer or something.


Finally giving Sifu the time of day. I'm glad Sloclap lived up to their potential after Absolver and just made God Hand 2. I'm still stuck on The Club, but I'm slowly translating over my God Hand tricks. Shins of the world, beware!


In order to detox myself after Persona 5 Royal, I went for the complete other end of the JRPG spectrum and did a run of Ys Origin. It's a clean 7 hours of button-mashing per character with some of the best music Falcom has put out and I love it.


17 hours of epilogue later, and I am finally fucking free from Persona 5 Royal, totalling at 132 hours. The new content was pretty good, even if you could feel the money dwindle. Wouldn't say it was worth the replay though. Should've been DLC.


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