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I did my duty as a Swedish man and finally completed a pilgrimage to IKEA. The legends were true, you could get lost there for hours without guidance. Now to assemble this Gerton desk and throw out my old one. Hopefully, it'll make my posture better.


It may have taken all of society shutting down and a minor wrist injury, but I have finally caught up to my Youtube subscriptions. Now to get back to my Youtube backlog.


I beat Death's Gambit. As an RPG, it's kinda crap, but the bosses and areas you explore are really dope. I'm curious about the big update that's in development, as it's basically gonna rework the whole game and add Metroidvania abilities.


I have gazed into the ever-present abyss of cash-grabs and read the Dark Souls comics that lay therein. My hope was smashed, my eyes were violated and my inner editor was driven mad. Comic books were a mistake. And why the fuck was Garl Vinland in it!?


I'm thinking about aquiring a better gaming/desk chair for the sake of my posture and wrists. Anyone got a recommendation?


I saw my dad playing Gylt on his Stadia (yes, we still have it, pray for me) and for a second I thought he was instead playing Amy on it. That is not a mistake you want to make if you wish to have happy thoughts.


While taking a break from more action-heavy games to rest my hands, I popped open Finding Heaven. Just like the first game, it's a heartfelt journey that's just lovely. Neal and Eva's dynamic is aces. The ending even brought me to tears.


I also gave the Trials of Mana demo a shake. It's neat, kinda like a budget Dragon Quest with simplified Ys mechanics. It's cute, but not something I'm willing to spend money on for a while.


I feel like REmake 3 is a bit backwards. I can dodge Nemesis with ease and style on him relentlessly, but regular zombies sneak up on me constantly and are hard to dodge consistently. It's that damn grab with vague hit frames, same as in Dying Light.


Frolicking On the Fringes of PC Gaming

This year, it will have been 5 whole years since I finally took the step to embrace PC gaming instead of ignoring its hallowed halls of splendor in favour of being a humble console enthusiast. But me being me, I've basically treated my...


I finished season 3 of Castlevania. It was a nice continuation that served the cast well, but without confirmation of like 4 more seasons, I don't know if it was worth it to go this route. I'm curious about what game they intend to end on.


Temple of Osiris is also free on Steam now.


AnimeUk's readers' choice award for best anime of the decade is correct.


Having not played a Lego game in years, it was a blast to play Lego LotR and check out all the small little improvements they've made to the formula. I'm not super invested in going for 100%, but I'm considering it. A shame they're gone from Steam now.


Traveller In Playtime - Tales of Graces

Tales of Graces is an action-RPG developed by Namco's Tales Studio and published by Namco Bandai for the Wii in 2009 in Japan. Later the next year, it received an enhanced port on PS3, Tales of Graces f, which made its way west in 2012...


I beat PoP: Sands of Time for a second time and got reminded of the Iznogoud TV show. Yet again, I am impressed with the amount of TV I managed to consume as a child. I Should have played more video games.


I don't know what I expected out a sequel to Ender's Game, but it sure as hell wasn't a tale of two dozen Brazilian space Catholics studying pig men 3000 years in the future. It won me over eventually, but man would a character chart have been useful.


Traveller In Playtime – Patapon

Patapon is a rhythm-action RPG developed by Pyramid and published by Sony for the PSP in 2007-2008. It later received a PS4 port in 2017. Following a period of great prosperity, the Patapon tribe has suffered many losses and become opr...


I beat ICO on the HD collection and remembered that it was prototyped on the PS1! It's really neat to see that the premise and a few rooms survived the console transition while the guards got replaced by shadows. There's even a proper couch in there!


Ys: Oath In Felghana got a surprise update with the PSP voice acting and some arranged music! Leave it to XSEED to patch in cool things years down the line. I hope those rumored PSP-to-PC ports of theirs are trucking along as well.


I never thought I'd draw parallels between Tales of Xillia and Steel Ball Run, but here we are.


Symphogear Sunday: XV Summary

After two long years, the follow-up to Symphogear AXZ, Symphogear XV came out and ended the series after 5 seasons. Just like I did with AXZ, I posted reactions to every episode on Qtoid and now I've collected all of them in this blog ...


I thought Alvin in Tales of Xillia was played by Troy Baker, but it turns out it's actually Matt Mercer doing the voice. I'm ashamed of making that mistake, but they really do sound similar! No wonder people have used him as a back-up Troy Baker.


Tales of Xillia is off to a good start. The new mechanics are enat and I like the first three party members. Seems to be on the less sillier side when compared to a few of the other games. Not sure I can be bothered to replay it as Milla though.


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