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The second half of my Tales retrospective is now live! This is the fun part where I tell you which game does which thing best and what my top 16 games in the series are. Could your favorite be my favourite? Read and find out! Edit: Mid-May bump!


I've been playing the GoW PSP collection. Looks great, but the first one is mostly nothing save for one good scene. The second one is better and a real show-piece for a PSP game. They both reminded me how fun, yet repetetive the series is pre-2018.


Castlevania sure was one of three things on Netflix I've bothered with. Now I wait on their supposed Devil May Cry series to become the fourth.


I ended up liking MGS4 more than I thought I would. Its self-indulgant cutscenes makes it an interesting companion piece to V. The two games provide different experiences, but they both exemplify the negative effects of external forces on development.


MGS4 certainly lives up to the legend. I'm still in act 1 and my controller has turned itself off mid-cutscene twice already. What I played was pretty fun though, the violent battlefield makes screw-ups both common and fun. I even did the statue thing.


I decided to give myself a break from gaming and blogging and now it's been a week. Doing this has been relaxing, but it really highlights how little I have to do outside of chores and job applications. I think it's time to play some Ys tomorrow.


Darker Than Black season 1 was good stuff. While the action, mystery and weird shit has its mettle, what really hooked my was how well the show handles changing perspectives. Everyone's so engaging that half a dozen characters could helm their own show.


It's been 2 and a half years in the making, but I'm finally done with my Tales retrospective covering 16 games. It got so long that I had to split it, but you'll be able to read all of it soon enough. Imma take a break from blogging and recharge now.


It's staggering how much Legacy of Kain has been ingrained into my soul. I can apparently pick out Micael Bell's modulated voice in two seconds while only somewhat paying attention to a review of a game I've never heard of. That's staying power.


I'm still on a retro kick (and I wanna catch up to my Youtube backlog) so I decided to give Black Sigil a third shot. It's funny how much worse this SNES throwback RPG is compared to the games it copies. The encounter rate and dungeons are just criminal.


Nothing like watching a friend stream his first session of FF7 where he defiles the names of the characters into "Our bitch", Bepsimang, Antifa and Erfis. Good thing I'm too tired and too little of a fanboy to take the full amount of soul damage.


With the Sonypocalypse approaching, I decided to round out my collection before prices jump. I've already played the PSP GoW games, but not in HD. And I can't think of a more fitting game to play to say goodbye to the PS3 than MGS4.


I've written over 5000 words now and I still have 8 Tales games to go, awards to...award, ranking to do and a snazzy conclusion discussing Arise to whip out of thin air. Who knew writing about 25 years worth of games would be like this?


I don't know what's better, the editing, or the writing that's so on-point that it sounds canonical. Metal Gear is so silly, I wish some other series would take up the mantle from its withered corpse.


After talking about prog rock, my dad got me to listen to this album I've never heard of before. Turns out that Bulgarian rock operas are pretty rad.


That's FFV done! It needs rebalancing, but it was still very enjoyable. It's great to finally have context for Gilgamesh and his theme. He's such a goofball. It was also interesting to see what is clearly the foundation for some stuff in the Tales games.


Traveller In Playtime - Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria is a JRPG developed and published by Bandai Namco in 2016-2017 for PS3, PS4 and PC. In the Holy Midgand empire, a land beset by a demonic plague, Velvet Crowe is living a peaceful life caring for her sick little broth...


My anime dumpster diving bore fruit. Blood Blockade Battlefront was great. It's confusing as hell and barely coherent, but holy shit does it know how to keep things interesting every episode. I couldn't even summarize episode 1 without sounding crazy.


I liked FF4 (and its PSP remaster graphics) and I didn't know what to expect from FF5, but holy shit does it blow 4 out of the water and bury 3 in the dirt. There are lots of fun scenes and I finally understand why everyone is obsessed with the job system


Since the pandemic put my co-op playthrough in a choke hold, I decided to finish off Unravel Two on my own. Very delightful game, but I prefer the first one. And not just because the sequel hardcrashed twice due to EA's userdata collector thing.


In my folly, I returned to Gradius V, thinking save states would be my key to victory. But no, that game is even more evil than I remembered. I should stay in my baby corner and play Dark Souls instead.


Jean Rean Simulator 2004 is one hell of a step up from Onimusha 2. The affinity system is gone, the pacing is better and it even added non-tank controls! I only played about an hour, but I really enjoyed my time with it.


I'm playing Airblade and you can't stop me, no matter how ill-adviced you think it is. I payed $2 for this shit and I haven't felt radical in years!


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