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Don’t forget the fucking hyphen! It’s Spiderman-


Simply swinging around and doing any old stuff is incredibly fun in Spider-Man. I dig it.


Only the Poor Hate Lootboxes - A Long Haiku

I Purchased the High Ground   The box of loot beckons The smell of skins is sickly sweet Money is never an issue   An option for gamers provided Time is fleeting and cash is flush  Gotta get that rifle decal   The p...


This is going to be a fun week.


The hype got me to download A Hat in Time again. It’s such a charming and gleeful thing, by sloppy controls and an awful camera bring it down for me. They aimed for Mario and they nearly got there. Hopefully a sequel can be mechanically tighter.


Had a bunch of manga delivered to work. Opened it in the kitchen at lunch. Forgot some of it was slightly harem’y. Owned it because I’m the boss now and they already know I’m a fucking loser.


I’ve returned! For those of you who don’t remember me, which is most of you... umm... I... umm... *sighs in duck*


Just came to post this loss garbage and run away again. See ya’ll in about six months.


I’m lucky enough to own every console and there was almost too much stuff this E3 that interests me. As someone who tries to approach games with an open mind, I can’t get onboard with the knee jerk negative reactions some people have to brief teasers.




Work week over. God of War, Yakuza 6 and my loving partner waiting for me at home. Let’s go Friday!


I think this is the first time I’ve seen a blue sky in 2018...


Hey. Hi. It’s me. Wanna talk?


Dropping in to say I still love you all! I’m getting life’d currently, but I’ll be back.


Awesome response to my Comments of the Week debut! It’s been a rough couple of weeks, nay, months - but shit like that makes things a little bit better. QUACK! <3


So, my grandfather died. He’s been ill for a long time now, but that doesn’t soften the impact of his sudden departure. Hug your loves ones and tell them how much they mean to you when you still have the chance.


🍜 R A M E N Q U E E N 👑


2 truths, 1 lie. 1) I tell people that Majora’s Mask is the best Zelda but I’ve never played it. 2) I won a competition to be an extra in Hot Fuzz and i’m visible in two scenes. 3) I’m now a three time Rocket League grand champion. (ANSWERED)


This Shadow of the Colossus game is pretty incredible, huh? If you’ll indulge me, I used the photo mode to create a little picture story of my journey to beat the fifth colossi. [Spoiler warning for the fifth boss in the comments]


Are all the images on older qposts just gone forever now? If so, that’s a real bummer...


RIP John Mahoney. Frasier is legitimately one of my favourite shows - and that man is a major reason why.


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