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The kinda dumb stuff we get up to on discord when the main site is down...




The giant ad at the bottom of IGN’s harassment statement seems a little thoughtless.


That nasty infection took me out of commission for a week... but I’ve risen again like a phoenix from the ashes!


The Friends won’t end, Torch. You should bend to this trend.


Dammit, Char. You’re a part of the problem!


My great grandfather died for your microtransactions.


Finished Super Mario Odyssey. It was fantastic. I’m approaching the end of Wolfenstein II. It’s also fantastic. 2017 is one hell of a year for games, if you didn’t know...


The Evil Within 2 has the best loot boxes.


The incredible Hitman is getting a ‘Game of the Year’ edition next month. It’ll have all existing content, plus a new four mission campaign, new contracts, weapons and outfits. IO are also reactivating the Elusive Targets!


I’d advise staying away from YouTube for the next week if you want to avoid massive Super Mario Odyssey spoilers! Leaked videos with spoilerific titles and thumbnails are popping up in recommended and people are posting stuff in comments at random.


ONE HUNDRED QPOSTS! Thanks for being the best community around. Here’s to countless more! I also have a personal request. I’ve been following a lot of you lately. Can y’all follow me on the site, too? So I can give YOU beautiful people more faps!


Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. You guys rock! I found a nice surprise in my new copy of The Fractured But Whole: a download code for a PS4 version of The Stick of Truth. I had no idea that was a thing.


A pretty good haul for my birthday this year! Not pictured, a digital download of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen and Fire Emblem Warriors (which arrives tomorrow).


It’s my birthday tomorrow! What y’all getting for me? Nothing? Fair enough. But, at least tickle my butt for luck!


Wolfenstein II is so close. I need it in my veins!


Microsoft seem intent on destroying every one of their major franchises this generation. What’s up with that?


Monday’s suck. If you find yourself struggling for motivation at the start of the week, just know that I love you and believe in you. I’m also watching you. Right now. Don’t turn around! Just embrace that feeling...


It’s just like that one is a little while waiting to hear from the man. Stands at the bed. Watching and screaming silent. NeoTurbo. Dream red dreams. Morning is never. Night.


Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is so good. Just stumbled upon an unmarked quest involving a taxidermist and her “secret basement project”. I love these games. [Picture unrelated]


We finally saw Blade Runner 2049 and it was fantastic. A Hollywood blockbuster that isn’t afraid to take its time, set a mood and ponder serious questions. It’s a thoughtful, rich and visually stunning movie. A very worthy sequel, indeed.


Have a good weekend everyone. And please, tell your friends and the people close to you that you love them when you have the chance.


Far less lag on Gundam Versus these past couple of days. I hope the community continues to grow, it’s a really fun game.


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