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This Shadow of the Colossus game is pretty incredible, huh? If you’ll indulge me, I used the photo mode to create a little picture story of my journey to beat the fifth colossi. [Spoiler warning for the fifth boss in the comments]


Are all the images on older qposts just gone forever now? If so, that’s a real bummer...


RIP John Mahoney. Frasier is legitimately one of my favourite shows - and that man is a major reason why.


I am the Fluffy Queen. Witness me!


“Hey, Guerrilla, what’s the deal with the ducks?”


I like Wes. I just wish he’d call when he says he will. The kids miss their daddy.


I see we have finally witnessed Wes’ heel turn. I never thought I’d live to see the day...


The inflatable raft that the palicos use on the water is the greatest thing in the world.


The last time I was in there I had to fight off a hundred propositions for more money. “Join our ELITE program for just £37 a month? Insure the disc for £1? Get the collectors edition for an extra £10? You get a free poster with it!”


To paraphrase Kojima: “Internet, you will feel ashamed of your words & deeds...”


My Monster Hunter character is a serious hottie!


You ever wonder how much revenue companies get annually from Torchmen who just buy dlc because they are whores for Gundam? Like Gundam Versus. #MechaWhale


420! So dank! Thanks for welcoming me back. I love you guys.


I was going to write a blog about my GOTY stuff, but I’m having a shitty week, so I’m going to just throw them in the comments here. Enjoy. [And now a happy new year to you all. Hopefully I’ll be back soon.]


Every year I replay Bioshock, and every year I’m reminded of why it’s one of my favourite games. The art design, the music, the atmosphere, the story, the gameplay - it’s a masterpiece.


Just in case I’m not around much for the rest of the month, I wanted to say Merry Christmas to you all. I’ve made a lot of friends here and on the Discord this year. Thanks for helping make this year so fun. Much love to everyone <3


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