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I snagged one. This was an absolute steal. I will give it to my kids for their birthday. But I always wanted to try, and there are some games that I have wanted to play, like Moss or The American Dream. I hope it doesn't make me dizzy.


This finally came a few days ago. It has really nice illustrations from the series and spinoffs. It just stinks that it doesn't have much else. But for $27 it really wasn't a bad deal. The art is nice and the different games are represented decently.


Is the Playstation My Life video only available in Europe? I can't find one for the U.S. and when I try the link I do have it just gives me error messages.


Fallout 76 is still $39.99 at some places. Damn Bethesda, you really burned alot of goodwill this time. Fuckers.


HAPPY WEEKEN---.... oh wait. I'm not off until the 21st. Well shit. Well, you guys have some fun, and try to relax a little!


So, there is a Dragon Quest XI avatar bundle and also a theme listed on the US Playstation Store, with a release date of December 12th, 2018. But there is no download option for either one. WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME? Links in comments. *EDIT* THEY ARE UP!


*EDIT* I'm super happy that The Walking Dead: The Final Season is being finished up. I am looking forward to them hopefully listing it in the stores again so I can purchase and play it. I didn't preorder it, so I missed out unfortunately. My 1300th post!


The Outer Worlds sounds so fucking good. So far it looks like it will be day one for me. Link in comments for a nice article that explains more about the game.


Amazon has the Smash Ultimate Special Edition up again that comes with a steelbook and controller.


It's that time! One of my favorite holiday specials is Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983). The full uncut version is hard to get, but it is worth the trouble.


I put in Fallout 76 for the first time since playing the beta and two of the trophies I earned didn't pop while the other ones did. Welp, guess I'll wait until the next patch. Was thinking of starting from scratch anyway. Guess I'll stick with this.......


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